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DG artist says:

I feel refreshed when i listen to what you say. I love your Videos.

She Royal says:

Lisa when you said you listen to Brother Iz are you speaking of Hawaii/Somewhere Over The Rainbow guy? Please do tell.

She Royal says:

Wow. It's hard to articulate but I went through a resetting spiritually about a year ago. I did not understand it and I was scared to share my "new thoughts" because my thoughts had expanded above "the church". My view of God was way bigger.

After watching this video, it all makes alot more sense.

Thank you Lisa.

FlorLanna Intajak says:

Ok, rewind.

Welcome To Now says:

I've always appreciated learning from what other people have learned from their personal experiences, that's wisdom and in some cases very enlightening. It makes an impact but all of this stuff about the law of attraction just falls flat. That's where I'm like it's good, it's good, it's good but, then…urhg…not so much. I think I've just learned that discernment is a key factor, wisdom awesome but just the whole idea of the law of attraction knowing how mainstream it is just feels like "it's time to move on now".

Agnie M says:

Namaste Lisa ❤

Kirara's Mom says:

Negative inner child/ mind weaken the chakras. So when we get hurt physcial, the weakness manifest as symptoms of mental and physcial illness.

It's the cells way of crying out for help.

It's another way our makers telling us to stop hurting ourselves , because it loves us.

By watching Lisa, we our mirror ourselves.

If a person is drawed to her or any video for self healing. It's our higher selves or makers helping us through others.

So we our help ourselves through others.

I think Lisa made a video on that last part. ????????

Ambika Tyres says:

???????? Something Magical is About To Happen in Your Life ! ARE YOU READY ? Reply Yes If You Are ..

James T. West says:

You've made such a difference in the lives of the people around me; started listening to you recently. You are a true way maker, just wanted to send my gratitude. liked, subscribed and inspired.

Rose Petals says:

I love u lisa

Rose Petals says:

I just want to absorb everythink u say ❤????

Tammy Murphy says:

Pow….end of may on my bday i said today is the day….i repeated 1 time every 5 min…….ALOT the phrase of I AM ENOUGH…….and yes the out there is changing…….mini mircles have begun….and i didnt even see the connection till this vid…… if ur not sayin it…..get after it…….write it on post it and put them every where in ur….in drawrs…in the fride
Every were…!!!!!!!! Bless you Lisa!!!!

Kw Freesoul says:

thank you ????

Mar Sierra says:

Do you have videos on how to help reprogram your kids? My awakening happened 2 years ago and my kids are 10 and 6. I want to be a better parent. Ty for the videos @lisaromano

Sophie says:

Hi dr Lisa. Could you please make a video that talks about the similarities and differences between a high potential and someone with npd? I ve notice commonalities like the high and ruthless competitiveness, the boredom and mind wandering in a conversation, high ideals.. And many more. Also could you please talk about a high potential with npd?

Minette Marcial says:

Just excellent! After all these years of hearing about the law of attraction, I finally understand it better. I was missing the "feeling" connection. Thank you for your great videos!

Julia Tamalo says:

Namaste, Lisa!! I take a bow to you for this wonderful video you've created!! I am blessed to have listened to it and will do the same to help my self grow further???? Have a nice weekend and God bless????????

Jade Shaw says:

Soooo hard in the practising!!! ????????❤️ still trying. Bloody subconscious ???? xxxx

thekrrib says:

Thank you Lisa. I have learnt all about Narcicists now and I've been no contact for 2 weeks. Now I feel lonely and need to change my life and thoughts about myself so thank you for this video. I will be watching more. I don't really understand the law of attraction so this info is invaluble ❤

Jasmine Lee says:

Thank you Lisa for all the fantastic work you do-you make such a difference to so many people. You’ve helped me so much ????❤️

Tyson Keanum says:

Who is brother is?

liber8tor Liber8tor says:

Lisa, you unlocked the LOA in 20 minutes…stuff that took me 20 years to figure out! lol Outstanding! About 5 years ago, I kept a "Dream Log". I had a notebook and recorded each dream for 6 months. I lost the book, but found it the other day and read it after you talked about wounded children before the age 5, and how the sub-conscience is affected. When I read the dream Book, (OMG)… there it was… every incident and episode from when I was 5 and a child in an alcoholic household. It all made sense and came together. Thanks Lisa. This week, my goal is to get a Fluoride Water Filter, (Big Berkey or something like it.) See if I can re-rejuvenate the Pineal gland.

Rajesh Konanki says:

Lisa , your words of wisdom move me and help me heal , lots of love from India ????

Jaxieaxie86 says:

This video says so, so much. OMG, THANK YOU LISA. I'm confident that you will be hearing from a lot of hurting people, its that terrific. Sharing… I had been going along after the commencment of the action for div, learning to paint, etc.,after crying and learning how to be w 2 teens, and a lot of furry people, oh was I embarrassed. Thanking him for not eating out nearby. He hid and, well, not going into minutae. To me its not. I'd believed that you cut the pie and say goodbye. Knew NOTHING about narcissism. I'd love to share some other in between facts, because I know you would appreciate. I'm not bec it's not detrimental to the aforementioned. But this is…found out from his 2nd lawyer, whom I had just heard was divorcing, so I nonchalantly met him in an elevator. Lol. Btw, first lawyer spoke to me. While ex hides. 2nd one's going on about how he's a passive aggressive narcissistic f…k. Another piece that I shall share privately bec it's not my place to YouTube it. I began reading everything. Also learnt that he's a sex addict (allegedly). Side note, my lawyer hadn't heard about it and said all men r. I digress. About Idk, years later I'm diagnosed with PTSD, but was GOING FOR HELP TO DEAL W THE NASTINESS THAT I HADN'T SEEN, but is there A LOT MORE TO SEE. If seen it a few weeks prior to div papers, but chalked it up to cheating . He's angry, still. If I knew about the ocean, well…I do now and thanks. See how I look for you and really needed to twice today. I'm a dinosaur with cells. Horrible. This is not going to make sense. Sharon

valerie joyce says:


scrappy3471 says:

The feeling of needing outside validation is so strong. Its mental, emotional and physical if that makes sense. It's hard to break it

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