The Law of attracting FUN 🎉Abraham Hicks 🚀No ads during video

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Billionaire Markel Eaton says:

Just chill..

Jason Bowen says:

There is great love for you here!

ToltecJewels says:

if I wasn't number 8 to comment, then I am now! lolol jajajaj Just having FUN! oh, love the Ah community. you guys get my weird, I mean Source inspired and thus rather superior, lolol, ok, I mean weird sense of humor! 😘

ToltecJewels says:

I got to be liker number 222! lolol😊that's just fun! easy easy easy. And, I am creating comment number 8! love that Infinite good luck number! 😘 fun free frisky Friday of the super cool summer eclipse! gracias for your upload!

Pure Energy says:

Everyone is worthy to know that they are holograms or eternal energy beings or electrical/magnetic energy field vibrations. This is what I write on youtubes as much as possible. There is so much grief everywhere. I want wars and prisons and other tortures to stop. I would love to have a houseboat to travel the world teaching this—now that I AM on earth. I would love to travel with best friends that think like me, but I haven't met them yet. Electromagnetically speaking, I think that they should have showed up already. Where are you, my best friends that know how to laugh? I hear you on the videos. You know there is no death, too. Is there a group of NDEers listening to Esther/Abraham? I want to hang out with you and live with you and travel with you. I need laughter in my life and excitement. I want to be that healer I once was. I used to be so healthy that I felt energy flow into me and out of me. I had a NDE as a child.
I named that energy being born to me the name Laughing. I wanted him to laugh, to tell jokes. Maybe one day.
Seth books are some of my favorite books. I have many favorites. Anybody read the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist and healer Barbara Brennan???

Quasia Jones says:

What session was this?

And Joy says:

If you are seeing this, I love you! Have a great day filled with joy and love!

Always Trust says:

Thank you abraham

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