The Holographic Manifestation Process BEYOND the Law of Attraction

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Aaron Doughty says:

hey everyone! Here is my Most powerful meditation for Worthiness and Completion that I mention in the video. Listen to it for 21 days and WATCH what happens 🙂 ➡

takis trakis says:

Aaron you are so beautifull

Mr. Blunt says:

I'm not trying to attack but I must say talk is cheap. Prove this stuff works by doing something a bit almost impossible like say, win 500 million dollars in the powerball/mega millions lottery. Use these principles to attract that to say, "You see this stuff works! Look at the practically impossible intention I attracted!" Do that, and it'd be hard for anyone to doubt this stuff works… but for a thousand dollars or attracting a person, it's less impressive. JUST PROVE IT by going BIG! I write this message in peace.

Roxana says:

Aarom and his videos are angels of my life❤❤❤

rachel j says:

Maybe someone can interpret this for me.

Last night I had a dream I was talking to my dad when I realized the front door was unlocked. As I went to close it, the door opened to the strongest gust of wind and I was having trouble closing the door almost as if someone was pushing the other side. As I’m about to close it, an orb comes through. I start trying to touch it. My dad tells me not too because “you never know if it has bad intentions.” Me being me, I grabbed it and held it in my hands. Next thing I know, my family is staring at me with pure terror and shock on their face. They kept telling me to “look up.” I refused knowing deep down in me, it was a demon. As my mom is tilting a mirror in my direction I suddenly became aware and mentally awake in my dream and started chanting “I am full of love and light” (A phrase I have never uttered before). Just as I’m about to see what is above me, my chant works and my dream became this beautiful moving white pattern. I wanted to stay asleep at that point but something told me to wake up. I jump up out of sleep instantly and the first thing I see on my DVR clock is 4:44 am.

Mike Raulston says:

So funny, when i was about 16 i concluded that we could be a molecule in gods lighter, just waiting to ignite and burn up.

Mary Shores says:

Great video!!! Seriously you have found your calling! How do we go about changing the inside?

Raymond Perez says:

You one of the 144,000 Doug? Hahaha jk of course you are

Roe Lashay says:

I am a huge fan of your channel. Did you go through an NLP training or hypnosis training? If so, do you mind sharing your source? Thank you for your being. Love + Gratitude.

kaesar sharma says:

Thanks for sharing the core of life and positive energy

Mac says:

I love you Aaron

Sovereign17 says:

What you are saying is correct. I have been learning about cells in the human body and how they relate to the human body in the sense that it does everything that a larger aspect of the human being does. My theory is that planet Earth is simply a cellular structure of something larger and that everything around us is electromagnetic just like the cell of the human body. I learned that the word "father" means storyteller/narrative and the word "mother" means material/physical world. So by having a certain story/narrative and how that information forms in the mind, it influences the physical world and therefore creates the child of the marriage between the story and the physical. I am reading Bruce Lipton's book "Biology of Belief" and certainly the cell has a mem-brane (brain) which takes in the information from the environment. Pretty cool stuff. I am learning how law works and understanding how it influences the "father" and "mother" of this reality. Thanks for sharing.

Glenn Hewitt says:

thanks Aaron for another excellent video

Tami Garrett says:

Right now it seems more a nightmare than a dream. Every thing you just lectured on makes total sense, thanks Aaron great video.

Doina Cojocariu says:

Good video! Ty Aaron! Merry Christmas!

Samohnilla says:

Welcome back to another video! My name's Aaron, and I help people expand, their, eyeballs!

Wazzup IzAllgood says:

Merry christmas Aaron! ?✌?

Dor Friedman says:

Thank you for being light in the darkness

333 Deborah says:

DANKJEWEL:)Aaron love light

Wael Faraj says:

As within , so without .

The type of energy you generate, transforms the world outside and returns to you in one way or another .Hope they come from unconditional love and blissful ecstacy or unconditioned joy to guide you to the be the best you could .

Freedom Formula says:

I swear, your channel is so much better than 99% of people here on youtube! I love it. ✊

Just had an AWESOME idea I think you're gonna love – will draw it up and email it over to your About page email in the next few days when I have time to put it all together for ya!

Thanks for putting so much into this channel. ?


Dan M says:

isn't just easier to be at peace with yourself? llc says:

Objects are object lessons.
Air typifies heirs.
Information forms us in.side.
Source is s.our.ce
Everything is a language, from body language, to phonics, to colors, to shapes, to code, etc etc.
Everything is reciprocal.
Everything is (ry eve th in g.)
Eve the mother of all living! Why?
She has the cycle encoded in her body and cycles are the spiritual birthing mechanism, so she typifies in her body pushing out the spiritual baby.

Dianne S. says:

Merry Christmas Aaron!?
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I've been a a subscriber for a while, you made me look at the law of attraction at a different perspective that helped me expand my awareness to another level!
This year I was able to gain courage to quit my job, spent some time on healing I watched your videos everyday. And thanks to you now I have a new job, anxiety free! A weivght has lifted thanks to your videos! Much love ✌️♥️?
can't wait to meet you in 2019 ? llc says:

We are in a fractal hologram which has types, shadows and anti-types . It is also a spiritual reflecting pond. Everything reflects back from the heart. See the whole in the parts and the parts in the whole.

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