The EASIEST Law of Attraction Technique Ever

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kt kingston says:

This is excellent and just want to say how much fun it is watching you grow! ????

Christian Hasan says:

Love you Jasmine <3

Janine Cenica says:

Can you please make a video on how to manifest a text from a specific person?

Sara77 says:

In a video you said you dnt have to feel good to manifest. Ok makes sense… then a different one said get in state and feel it's real. Is that feeling like confident it's coming or a feeling state of content . Then I think it said dnt need to feel it to manifest.
Can I just say what I want and not feel anything and it works?

Hi Odnanref says:

Jasmine, I’m struggling with visualizing..
Is it still okay to day dream at least? ????

A M says:

OMG. 3 mos ago my bf of 5 yrs cheated on me and left for someone 14 yrs younger. It was awful, she flaunted herself in front of me and he blocked my phone . I manifested her and I see that. For 3 mos I begged , cried, pleased. Then In the past 2 wks I stumbled onto manifestation and this channel. It was not working until I decided no she was not better than me, no she isn’t his soulmate, she may be younger and more fun, but I am his true love. I started saying she was shit, I was declaring and affirming my thoughts on paper and out loud. I said he will call me, he loves me, he will come to my new house. I meant it to ! I really did! I recently moved and had to contact him about forwarding my mail and dealing with joint finances. I was blocked so I used *67. The conversation wasn’t great but he told me to call back this week. I let it go and didn’t call. Today which would have been our anniversary he called on my lunch break. I didn’t answer. I waited till I got home. I was in disbelief all my
Manifests were coming true. He didn’t answer so I let it go. He called me back. He said he saved all my mail over the last 3 mos. I said great. I told him he could forward it to me or he could drop it in front on my house. I offered to give him the address to write down and he said He would call me Saturday because he was working a half day. I asked again do you want to mail it or drop it off. He said I’ll call you Saturday. I said Ok whatever works for you. This was after his new friend posted a pic of them at a club. I highly doubt she knows he called me or that he might stop over Saturday . I declared he would stop over and I will keep declaring it. I’m
Not worried about the video she posted because if he was 100% committed to her he would have taken my address and simply forwarded my stuff. So thank you jasmine – this stuff works as long as you really mean it and do not stress about it. I’ll update on Saturday.

Melissa Sixbey says:

Hi can you make a video about consistent communication. Like not manifesting hot and cold behavior or like a lot of time between contact or when we see eachother- so we see eachother all the time and text and talk daily thanks ❤️

Nei jing says:

Thank you so damn much!!!! You're a lot of help!!

C Niz says:

He is so scared of his feelings for me he keeps breaking it off literally seemed to have a panic attack while we were together on our last date. He told me I wasn't gonna get into his heart. It's funny sometimes how anxious he gets but then he will ruin beautiful moments running from his growing feelings. But sometimes it's annoying and tiresome and sometimes he says things I could take offense to if I let it hurt me in an effort to avoid letting himself fall in love again. He loved twice and both women left. So I have been doing affirmations opposite to what resistance i feel inside like my having a kid and how he perceives it, my being older than him and a different culture and race. Where I get stuck is lately more about my feeling tired of him panicking and coming back and panicking and the time between and my feeling torn about dealing with it . I don't want to lose my own feelings for him in his immaturity when we both have deep attachment to each other . At first I was the one freaked out about our chemistry and attraction from the day we met and now it's him. When I ask what's the issue he just says he doesn't wanna hurt me at all like he's afraid of it. I need him to be courageous and secure and faithful if we do this. And soften the wounds that made his heart harden but I don't feel like dealing with this cycle over and over when I least expect it even though each time he/we make small steps. I think he's been let down a lot in his past so he keeps a hard exterior but it hurts him seeing me hurting too. I guess I have to manifest a version of me that has more patience and endurance feeling from the end. The one thing h said was sometimes he needs me to give him time but he sure takes a while a long time each time he freaks out . Then comes back strong just I'm kinda exhausted with it. I told him I'd walk if he didn't stop being afraid of hurting me Bec that ends up hurting me and it just freaked him out more so I'd just been writing he's not afraid he's confident about us and that it's safe. I also think he struggles with depression like Mo was just this is something new for me where he isolates and his sudden mood swings are exhausting sometimes . He's not abusive in any way but doesn't see his own patterns of panic mode and inability to communicate his feelings better vs running away. If I can get myself to be more of something not sure what so I dont get frustrated I in my head with this issue each time bec it's been 2 yrs of this, it would help

Agent K says:

technique starts at 2:02

Cassie Jo Walsh says:

Can I meditate to enter that parallel reality?

Fiona says:

Fiona here, I just manifested my SP ???????????? yeyyyyyyy

lrvdo says:

Did you change your channel name a few days back and then change it back to the original name? I think I saw another name for some days unless you have another channel

csr says:

This was excellent.

Spiritual Fastline says:


Oliver Steiner says:

Omg…i totally pushed you out hah…in the last 36h i had great things happening, some i did script, some i thought about about scripting but to lazy…(worked anyway hah)..
So this state was there and i have practice for the awareness…however i have a “biggie” in my head for weeks now and could let go often and despite all that, i have a form of circumstancial ptsd popping up in my head (everytime i open Fb)…now, im aware i have it & correct it….but it keeps being there abd i must take myself back to the state alot on getting rid of not needed fear as some weird subconscious relict?!

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