The DANGER Of Praying For What You Want | Law of Attraction Secrets {Extremely Powerful!}

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Jake Ducey says:

Hey Everyone! Here is the free success hypnosis that I mentioned in the video. You can get it here ► ►
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Sunday The Vegan Great From Down Under says:

Hi Jake, I have a question? You always quote from the bible but it says load and clear that there is only one God and that is the God of the bible,if you don't believe he is your one and only God you will be put to death. By the way I am not religious.

Jesse Quick says:

Thank you God and thank you universe for everything I desire and sill get cause im one with it

Jesse Quick says:

Say so before it becomes so

Sibonisile Mdluli says:

Thank you God thank you universe for the abundance of money thank you for my promotion

callmeteenice says:

the miracle working presents is within me

callmeteenice says:

what i want, wants me

Linzie Ross says:

Thanks Jake for the insight and inspiration.What I want wants me!The miracle working presence is within me!Great video.??

Jaeia Gibbs says:

"For we walk by faith, not by sight. ( 2 Corinthians 5:7 )

Michael Stitt says:

My relationship back is all.wut i want wants me

Sandra moreno says:

The miracle-working prence is within me

Viria Järv-Uche says:

Thank you Jake, thank you mom, thank universe. ???? im the divine being, what i WANT wants me. ??????????????????. 100 %

Burnsoulswtruth C says:

Thank you God thank you universe I am so grateful what I want wants me is healing within myself , strength to let go of the past, financial debt free, get back in school , what I want is for Jason to Forgive me and for Jason to be healed, to want us to rebuild our relationship from scratch with God as our center and the head for us to restore trust,faith,commitment, love, positive flows through us for us to reconnect

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