The Biggest Missing Piece

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SaltandHoney UT says:

If anyone ever questions the authenticity of what Esther Hicks does, this video really brings home the legitimacy of Abraham. You can actually see her reaching to translate the vibration into words at times in a way you may not see with what she typically gives us. This was an excellent conversation between source and the person in the chair. Very insightful.

Spirit Breath says:

He never gets it

B D says:

So profound. . thank you ❤

Ben Bleyendaal says:

This is life changing. Its taken me a few views, not yet made it through…

jb dalvit says:

Yep, you can't see the light when you are focused on the dark.

Keep Funk Baby says:

She dealt with his challenges in a powerful yet simplistic way. Amazing.

Kurt Arrow says:

Having sat in this man's seat of dispar, and then flipping it completely around to bliss and joy, Abraham is spot on! I also see all the suffering but my focus is on helping others realize their true power and choose bliss. With that as my focus, law of attraction continues to bring me more bliss in every possible way! My advise to those who are suffering is to stop, put a new label on it and say you are learning what you don't want. Then think of something you love for a few seconds. Then think of someone you love for a few seconds. Keep doing that and you are choosing joy over suffering.

Geraldine Ann Ford says:

Wow such an amazing reply…so profound, thank you Esther and Abraham.

Sherry Light-n-Love says:

Wow… he's intense!!! My Question for him is when is he going to CHOOSE To Be and Make the difference and lead with his heart instead of his brain which can't possibly every "understand" the heart knows and feels everything that is the guidance system! Not the brain of understanding that is to Learn with! <3 I wonder how far he's come since this interview in 2012 <3

MsNicolT says:

her patience with him is inspiring…

Sarika L says:

Profound.. Love, light, respect for Abraham and Esther… N compassion for the man

Donna Willis, CPC, LMEcc says:

Michael – I hold the intent that your inner peace has been found. Thank you for sharing….so deeply and honestly.

WinterSummerRain says:

very powerful indeed.

Robert Chapman says:

yes,i feel and know what Abraham says

Yawel Wei says:

Soothing answers, makes sense although it's seen as simple. The contrast could be seen as yin and yang perhaps.

Kellianne Clare says:

i adore this man's courage!

Christina Robohm says:

I absolutely admire and am thankful for this person's delivery. This conversation needed to happen and I am so grateful to have heard it for the little doubts I have, especially when I deeply take on the pain through the world. Thank you!

Tony Monk says:

The LOA amplifies you're vibration period. Matching people, circumstances, and events, become part of the frequency you radiate, and that must be the only experience you can percieve as a result.

ian1856 says:

I ADORE this woman!!!  What absolute brilliance.  I am filled with gratitude at having found her.  The eternal question: Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?

Andy Dooley says:

Powerful session. I love this man and is perspectives and how he is totally right. BUT, there is always another perspective. There is always another path to take. It's all about FOCUS!!! FOCUS!!!! What you focus on consistently will be your vibration and your life experience! BIG LOVE to Esther, Jerry and Abraham for giving us the perspective of SOURCE energy and JOY.

lea20102010 says:

amazing! I could see both their auras unintentionally. This is a first time.

Cassie Teal says:

wow wow wow, i wish i could grab this man out of the screen and hug him! i feel EXACTLY as you do, my whole life, im only 23 and feel everything you just said, the expression, the attitude is me every day, i understand, i love you brother! Abraham, you're amazing, i felt like you just counselled me through this mans discussion

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