The 3 Levels of Manifestation | Conscious vs Super Conscious [Law of Attraction Secrets]

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Chí Nguyên Ngô says:

Eric ,i have a question,are you Vietnamese?

Iris Love says:

Conscious, subconscious to energy. Everything is energy with difference vibration.

Ginger says:

Eric, I would like to ask a question and request a video. I listened to a story about a man who had a car accident, he fell asleep at the wheel, crashed and lost his wife and son in the accident. He said the last thing he remembered was feeling grateful for his family then wham..they're gone. I've been reading my grateful list for a month now but feel like that story is in my subconscious and I need to get rid of it. Are the things I feel grateful for going to be taken away??? I need to get this out of my head. Can you talk about why/how such a horrible thing can happen just when someone is feeling so grateful??? Thank you! <3

yG KeKe says:

My friend, you need to manifest yourself some better handwriting. Jokes aside, will you be doing a video about connecting to the super conscious?

Darlene Ross says:

Driving incidents he talks about, has happen to several times. But, when i come consciously back to driving, i am at my destination.

Katy BB says:

Where do the million dollars come from? 😂😂😂 so good!!👍haha

Gab Fergusson says:

omg i want to hear the rest of this talk. Really good stuff, love the way you explain.

aravind kr says:

The epic speech about law of attraction

Stephen English says:

All ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Alivelu Alivelu says:

Eric sir what is the difference between renki stones and gem stones
As far as I know we can own so many renki stones but gem stone is given only one according to our DOB , zodiac sign etc if wrong gem stone is put they say that it works negativily and bad luck comes….are they both different?in that case if I use a gem stone can I use bracelet different of renki stones or while meditating etc… please reply Eric sir I'm really confused as I have no knowledge about these stones

Julie Mahannah says:

Yes inspired action. Especially if you want to go further faster and realign your vibration through the hard place of love so you can stay in the Vortx. Bar believe action results. Are you taking action?

Roxanne Santiago says:

1. Conscious Action
2. Sub-Conscious Action
3. Energetic Level

TheMannu81 says:

My biggest manifestation. Attending ur seminar in Bangalore you are my life maker respect you from bottom of my heart thank you so much for guidance

Emily Simmons says:


A P says:

Hey, Eric! I have a question…Can you do a video on dream interpretation? I keep having these dreams about a very specific guy. Problem is, I've NEVER seen this guy before, I don't know him, I've looked at online pics of this guy to see if I may have seen a pic of this guy online and that's why I see him so vividly in my dreams. I can't hear his voice most times, but I see him, I feel him, I laugh with him, and I heard him say his name. Nothing about this man is a norm for me. Meaning, I've never met anyone like him, physically or emotionally, etc, in THIS LIFE before. I can't remember my past lives too well, but in this life, he doesn't exist in my world. How can I manifest him, or can you explain those dreams or what they mean?

Parizad Queen says:

Someone tell in easy way what master Eric want us to know??? I am quite confuse 🤔

jjj 12 says:

Eric can I still manifest her love if she's soon getting married??? I'm really losing hope now.

Daniel Adams says:

Deep sh**!!!! 🙏🏻

Julie Mahannah says:

That’s me too that’s why I like video so much because once I read the first few lines my brain forgets the next few lines or vice versa.

Julie Mahannah says:

That’s my dream Eric. To be in the same environment with you ,Richard Branson and Tijbaria share in love and teaching how much fun it is to live life giving through random acts of kindness💚👫🙏❤️🤲💜☺️

Julie Mahannah says:

I like to use the bar method BAR belief action results. Yes you definitely need to take action conscious action

Julie Mahannah says:

Thoughts become things that’s the process of manifestation. What are you thinking about on a daily basis? If you love what you’re manifesting rock on baby if not I recommend waking up every day for at least 21 days with Eric if you want to go further faster from a spiritual place that will help you tune in to who you are already.

Julie Mahannah says:

I know how it works Eric. You realign your vibration through the breath and the silence of the mind. Set your intention from there and have a daily meditation practice with you until you learn it to help you stay in the Vortx and attract what you want with your conscious mind instead of what you don’t want with your subconscious mind that has been programmed for many many many many many many years. If you want to go further faster and you really want to manifest amazing miracles and heart magic in your life. I recommend that you start to follow Eric Ho and Tijbaria on YouTube Facebook Instagram and your path will be fun and easy even when the sorting and sifting need to take place. You will have a peace in your heart that working out for the highest and best and a win win or a win win win for everyone. You can also check out Abraham hicks. She is also amazing and is the person that I very first learn from and didn’t believe it in the 90s. Now that I’m 60 next week I not only believe it but I practice every day using these tools to create heart magic with this team. Their intention is to help everyone reach their own place of self love so that we can all share this love and help others. Nothing is better than that no money no drug no relationship can top the way this type of happiness and joy feels that you can tune in to on a daily basis. 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲💃🕺🏼🧘‍♀️💜👫🥰💚👏🖖🏿🥳😋😍🤩😇♥️💗💕☺️😀🧲🧲☺️

Y N says:

Hello ! Recently I manifested what I really desired and now that it's true I'm afraid it will get taken away from me. I don't want to put bad energy out there, so how do I stop these thoughts ?

Dianne Schoenberg says:

Your examples break down the most complex, nebulous ideas into completely understandable bits! You may not think you do a lot, but honestly nobody has ever explained the “game” we are playing here on Earth better! I never understood what was going on before. You are pure positivity personified!

M G says:

Ty Eric 🙏🏼

Gabor Csonka says:

no limiit , think bigg , valu greater think . feed mind good thinking ,, hear godd thinking from creator ,,, I read heidi wang word .. new eye , reborn , I am living in creater energy in our family already , I have create energy peoople start know me , i become brother growning ,, i am only one seceond from family ,,,

Diane Civin says:

Thanks Eric!! I'm picking up what you're putting down 🤗 I love and appreciate you every day! 🙏

Ouna Oun says:

Conscious action
Energetic level

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