The #1 Manifestation Block // Law Of Attraction Epilogue 1.9

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Dion Storm says:

This is sooo true!! I always knew it was about self love ,worth and being content internally first. Then my external world will reflect that. This info has put me back on the right path. Your a legend man.. thank you!

Lisa Farkass says:

Wow, when you said crystals by their atomic nature have no resistance and the key to manifestation is to basically stop resisting so we will become crystalized (paraphrasing of course) a huge light bulb went off …. mind blown! Outstanding Aaron… Brilliant!


The best I've ever seen

Manifestgirl aka ladybug1440 says:

Soooooooooooo much pure unadulterated TRUTH in this video I’m holding my face to keep my head from exploding ???? I ADORE U, yr content, yr heart, your mind, your methodology for teaching the most complex ideas in such simplistic ways. You Aaron are my number 1 most fav loa coach!!!! This was tooooooo good, sooo good, damn good???????????????????????? THANK YOU Aaron????????


Love is everything, love yourself and everyone around you and watch things manifest naturally…

Watching from Ghana, ???????? West Africa.. thanks! Great knowledge.

Malia Jones says:

I didn’t know that about crystals! Awesome!

Paolo Enrico Costabile says:

Thank you Aaron, I do understand what you're saying for spiritual matters and also material stuff, but let's say there is people that every year – literally every summer – burn my land to ashes and so I cannot farm… any advice??

indrani sarma says:

Thank you Aaron for your honest explanation…not trying to lure people for material things… rather showing them the right approach to these Divine Principles…much love from India

Reiki on the Run says:

I love when people say it doesn't work for them! Haha! Oh, it's working for you! ????????????????????✌

2016imhere says:

could you give me some advice or anyone reading this . I’m in a really low place . I’m trying to understand & learn about that law of attraction & gratitude but I’m having suicidal thoughts every day & struggling to have anything to be grateful for . I’ve no money cause I can’t work due to illness & anxiety . I’ve no family , no husband. No kids & no friends . This week I’ve no food for the next 5 days & I feel so unwell every day & im always alone. I might be homeless soon & im losing hope . I’m able to use the internet today because it’s my last bit I’ve left . I’m in debt & ive no one to talk too .So any advice would be greatly appreciated. How is there anything to be thankful for ?

vineetha vincent says:

I wish I possessed half your IQ…… Like Einstein, your brain needs to be clinically researched.

Mark Broda says:

You said it was not created to fix your exterior world, but to "fix" your interior world…but would that be better said to "experience" your interior world?

Hope Love says:

It’s hard for me to see how the statement “You get what you are” applies in my life….I’ve always been authentic and loving towards my friends, family, in my career, yet I haven’t been able to manifest a boyfriend my whole life…maybe my vibration of I am single is too strong therefore that’s what manifests over and over….I’ve decided to try to find a way to be at peace with being single forever….That will be my freedom

Miachel Hancock-Eccles says:

Thank you for another great video! I hope you have read or listened to Thomas Troward. Maybe start with The Edinburgh Lectures. He gave this lecture in 1904! In this lecture he doesn’t use the word God, but Universal Subjective Mind. And he calls Jesus the Greatest Mental Science Teacher. He bases all of his works from his study and knowledge of the Bible. He was a devout Christian. (You’ve probably heard of him. ????‍♀️ His works inspired the movie The Secret.) And thanks again for putting out great videos to clarify the Law of Attraction. Good stuff!

Scottie says:

…..Aaron will your next video be a follow thru extension of “how to” address core thoughts/issues to become more crystal like? You explained this in your usual fashion… AWESOME…I found myself wanting to hear more….❤️❤️❤️

sublimebeing says:

Imagining us all being so blissfully happy just sitting in a room drooling on ourselves. Hahaha! Great vid. Love the humor!

AALofts Design says:

Thanks Aaron! I've been doing this for a while but I still need to grasp this fact.

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