Surrendering to Divine Guidance – Law of Attraction Success Stories (Manifestation Monday Jun 24 19)

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Anna Zamarron says:

Amaazing video! Couple weeks ago I manifested a check in the mail; a tax refund where they told me I wasn't going to get anything back for filing my taxes all late about it. Also, it seems like it's manifesting of getting my ex back since I've been receiving signs everywhere I go, literally, it's crazy and so many angel numbers now. He's been texting me with excuses to see me, sweet. Thank you Leeor for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, it has impacted many of us.

Kristin McClain says:

I am blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to watch ome of your great videos today!
I've struggled with a lot of negative energy, conflict, and yelling (which I, as an empath can't tolerate. The yelling is physically painful for me.) coming from a person in my home. The constant anger that was directed towards me was from past hurts that I have no connection with. I'm SO happy to say that I have manifested calm, peace, harmony and much much more positive energy in the home recently, after finally surrendering it to the universe to help me sort out and then just going on with my days. In less than a week, it finally happend! But also, has stayed this way now for over a month- after nearly 4 months of constant anger from an individual, and unrest in my home.
I'm so glad to know that it was never about me in the first place. This person was just struggling with past hurts, and has made a point now, of trying to heal from them, instead of taking them out on me, someone who had nothing to do with it, and constantly re-living the trauma themselves.

I'm more proud of their progress, I think than anything else. But nevertheless, it was still something I've wanted to manifest for some time now!

Thank you for sharing your stories Leeor! SOooooo glad you're back!
Namaste & Blessed Be.

Jocy Aye says:

I just came home from work I put my phone down on my dining table and headed to my room when I came back your video was playing on my phone I truly believe this was a sign from the universe, god,my guardian angels ??? I believe they do listen and send us signs ☺️

Nia Ruu says:

I manifested a job in my dream location, it look a while, but I keep my faith that it would work out! ☺️??

Tiara Tyson says:

I thank the universe daily for always supplying me with my needs.

Kris Gomes says:

Love you and your videos ! ❤

Jenny Prasad says:

Great video.

Mélissa A says:

I needed this. Thank you



MellySummer4181 says:

I believe I manifested this video. Thank you! You are such a beautiful light <3

Alexis Calloway says:

I manifested a new car!! It was so over due… I walked in the dealership with crappy credit, and no money to put down, and drove away in a 2017 Ford focus!!?

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