Strategies To Shift Your Toughest Paradigms | Bob Proctor

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Cherie Calloo says:

Thank you Bob! 🙂

Loving the Universe says:

I love your advice and you, and I wish you were my personal mentor!

King For Tunes says:

thank you Bob for this video

Sonali Thakur says:

Thank you so much for your kind guidance

JustBelieveSam says:

I needed, this God Bless your heart.
Just Believe

salwa says:

So easy..cant wait to try☺
Thks for sharing that with us?

AryAriba says:

your videos never disappoint

Scott Hawkins says:

I'm so happy and GREATFUL, that I listen to Bob Proctor EVERY CHANCE that I get to….!

Freedom chaser says:

fantastic idea….or once alarm goes off, count from 5-1 and get up

Shreyas Tamane says:

Superb, superb and simply superb!! You're too good Bob! Watching all your videos over and over again has caused a massive change in my life. Thanks for everything Bob!!

SuperMillhill says:

This stuff doesn't work. Period. Because your subconscious may rejected the new belief. So you can write a thousand times a day. Nothing will change. Repetition worked in the beginning of your life because your subconscious was BEING formed. Now it's formed, your cup is full, so trying to add new programs in with his advice just ain't gonna work. All these people in the comments praising Bob ain't never gonna change their life.

Israel Leal says:

Will it work with addiction

The Spirit of since 1998 says:

Thank you. I have crafted the new mindset affirmation. Excited to go to bed and wake to live it daily. I appreaciate you and Sandy for all your effort to steer folks like myself onto the path to our success., the one we have chosen to live.

Brazilian Lady says:

Your country going to shit and you don't even care, Proctor.
Use the rest of life you have to save your great and remarkable race.

Zk8et says:

Great mentor. ?

Aniket Kumar says:

Friends,Donot TREAT this vedio as a simple one,Bob has given you the MAIN SECRET which he charges thousand of dollars.Use them.When I was not having the money,I have to search 1000 bob lectures, wasted my many days and in 1 I found that.And you all are given just FREE,this vedio has MORE Worth than Diamond,now use them.Yes they are not enough to bring a massive change,there are more Tools required but who donot have Money must start from this.This is the MAIN secret and foundation and if you keep writing with your opposite hand, you will surely attract the REST tools which is required for changing the habits.There is no FREE lunch.If you donot have the Money you have to spend Time and go through the Pain for bringing change.I am not talking just from books.This is my personal experience.I was not having the money to buy Bob Course but I attracted them and my habits are changed.I have achieved many goals and on the way for bigger ones.Donot give up if you donot have the Money but be ready to invest Time in search and going through pain.

Peace Joy says:

Your videos are awesome…love from Egypt♥♥♥

Emad Bg says:

Hello from Iran dear Bob❤️

Ines Khelifi says:

Thank you ??

Udit Sharma says:

I will try this and then send you feedback too…thanks

Tanya Parker says:

Thank you ?

JDM BRZ says:

Not a single person in the comments is going to do this. Only about 10 people in 2019 will

Tyler Collins says:

I wanted to go to a waterpark for my Birthday, family decided on something else. Then some other family a few State's away are heading over here & invited us to the waterpark! I got me a job that'll pay me more than $100,000+ a year. Also high school drop out 😉

savanna love says:

We are so powerful ??❤️??

polash roy says:

Bob love you, please change your paradigm and teach me for free how to make money and become rich. Please bob I really love you and watching you videos for long. Can you please help me for free can you please change your paradigm and do the favor to me. I will be grateful to you forever. Thanks bob.

Nabil Farouk says:

Can i change my emotions with the revising the past reverse imagination ??????

Michael B. says:

Really good advice! Instantly actionable!

polash roy says:

Bob I love you I respect you so much. I have a concern that is you should teach people for free sometimes and offer absolutely free couching to the people sometimes. Because you are already multi millionaire. Maybe you have even more money. Bob please change your paradigm and teach me how to make money and become rich for free couching. Would you please change your paradigm and teach me for free?? I love you bob so much.

Ali Mohannad says:

Practical doings is what gives you fruits

youtube kids says:

Thank you bob

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