Stop Questioning Start Allowing (Release Resistance to Law of Attraction)

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Shreeya Vadlamudi says:

I'm in tears… I can't even explain how " God sent "this video is… I love u Roxy… ur videos keep me going… ur a blessing from God 💕😘

Heather Brewer says:

I'm dying over here 🤣😂🤣

Pretty Brown says:

I have been doing your scripting technique which Is writing down affirmations every night in present tense and it works wonders. Have been doing it as a mental diet and I added writing affirmations in the mornings also and I feel so good about it. 🤗 Its almost been a week for my mental diet scripting and then I’m just gonna go back to only writing nights after the week Is over. Thank you girl!

joyceann welsh says:

This is the video I need. Thank you . love the video.

kayla bear says:

I manifested seeing him again in January. 4 weeks ago tomorrow, I think. I know it’s possible. I really didn’t know if it was going to happen but I wanted it to happen..and it did. Since then, I’ve been focusing on me and my happiness. Questioning is saying, “do I deserve this? Am I worthy of it?” The other person is just going to match that feeling.

Go out. Have fun. Know it’s coming. Every other goal I’ve had, from weight loss, masters degree, new home etc came AFTER a period of, “ok, it is what it is. I know what I want. It will happen if/when it’s supposed to.” It’s hard to say. It can trigger you but at the end of the story..all of those things happened. I remember the night I decided to give up on my masters degree. I was silently crying to myself in the classroom thinking. “Ok, maybe this dream won’t happen. I can find something else. I’ll find another path.” I was like that for about a week. Guess what? I didn’t have to find another path. I earned the masters degree. I realize that an sp may be a little different because a degree is not another person but..I had to grow into that person that has a masters degree. Confidence. You will be ok with or without this person. That’s a scary concept. But I think it’s the place you have to get. If you hold this person on a pedestal and they are Prince will be intimidated by the thought of being with them and block them. No, you don’t know how or when but you know it will happen. Best. Case. Scenario. Not only could you be with your could be with this guy, this guy or that can figure out those specific men on your own’s the insecurity about it that is making it unsure it will happen. Like I said, go out; have fun..give yourself topics of things to talk about with them..last thing you want is to manifest them back and they ask how you’ve been and you say, “well..all I could think about was this moment and how to get you back!” 😳

Watch that season of The Bachelor on Netflix. Just putting it out there. With Jason Mesnick. Men can change their minds.

Laniece Sims says:

Ok couch!!!!!! I like that!

Danielle Merriott says:

This is so f-ing fantastic! Thank you!! 🤩

Cesar Tenorio says:

Question Mode Overload 😂

Nice hat!! 😊

Ken Aninagyei says:

I am allowing things to happen in the most harmonious way.

Ken Aninagyei says:

I am the what and the now not the how and the when.

ilaria losa says:

I am allowing things to come in the most harmonious way possible

Kay Kelsey says:

I have a fuck buddy that I just want to be my best friend right now while I figure myself out from being in serious relationship to serious relationship my whole life. I manifested that I would sleep over last night in the bathroom I had forgotten to grab a paper towel to wipe so I had to use the cheap toilet paper. I thought oh damn I better not do this or I'm going to end up over there. And less than 20 mins later he invited me over. He had been hot and cold for awhile. This is just a silly real life confirmation for others on this channel. He in the past tells me he loves the way I talk to him and that I must be a sweet talker because I always call him that. I talk to him the way roxy talks her affirmations😘 Roxy has got it guys Pay Attention.

Michelle Smith says:

I am allowing things to come in the most harmonious way possible

Tragically Sara says:

I been trying to manifest a relationship with my SP again, but this time for it to not fall apart or become bitter like it has previously. I been more positive and bettering myself mentally so I can receive my manifestation. I see things I don’t like in relation to my SP (him acting like a f boy , he used to not be one) so I either tell myself circumstances don’t matter and that he needs time to grow. As in the mean time I been working out to get my dream body (I’m almost there), about to take some vocal lessons to pursue a passion and then now I’m working on a bunch of art projects to sell at a mini museum!

Aeon Creations says:

Thanks Roxy! You are really helping me re-focus when my ego takes over. I am repeating new patterns now; of looking towards the positive, expecting the best most wonderful things to happen. I love the reminders.xx

khan afia says:

I am allowing things to come in the MOST harmonious way possible!!

cotie mekdeci says:

Lol Roxy, I love you!😘 No were not going to wear it and order 12 more. I love the way you deliver the message. I only listen to 3 coaches on manifesting. And your #1. You rock girl! 🤘💗🤗

Monica Lutchman says:

Yes manifesting is easy and effortlessly and it is coming to me in a harmonious way thank you Universe

Sarah سارة says:

I’m allowing things to come in the most harmonious way possible💗

John M says:

Nice hat. Why does it remind me of Beetlejuice? (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…)

Christian Johnson says:

I am allowing things to come in the most harmonious way possible.

Abigail Del angel says:

I am allowing things to come in the most harmonious way possible

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