START OVER – Powerful Motivational Video

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Team Fearless says:

Let go of WHO YOU WERE if you don’t you’ll never know who you TRULY CAN BE. Let go of WHO YOU WERE and FOCUS on who you WILL BECOME.

seanjones20 says:


Rochelle Pratt says:

I would have never pick up  alcohol,  I would have went to the police when I was rape,  I would have never trust an adult to introduce me to drugs,  I would have never allowed a man to mistreat me,  I would have never listen to my mother who put me down in front of her friends,  I would have choose to live the way it was meant for me.

HatianHurricane says:


Jean Aimé Faustin Tapsoba says:

Thanks for all !

Faisal Kp says:

TeAm fearless
What type english?
American? Brittish?
Answer =

barham says:

Road to 3M subscribers ????????????

ProTheBro says:

Sir I am from India
Please I need Hindi subtitles

Fritzi Ritz Fortunato says:

Wow! I am a champ!! ????????????

Gift Emmanuel says:

it is time to start over, past is past

life lover says:

Thnk u thnk u????????1000 times thnks….


Excellent Effort!
Amazing Video.

James Stepp says:

I wouldn't try to impress my so call friends

Tejasree Pailla says:

Woow am just amazing…in 3 min….???????????? but the power remains the hole day!!

Surya kunapareddy says:

Can you guys plz do a video on chakras of spirit, confused here when meditating

Kingsley Ukwuoma says:

Don't look back, you are not going that way. Ugly life experiences is synonymous to the unfair world we live in, keep fighting with joy.

Terri M. says:

Thank you. ????????

Wonder Woman Smith says:

This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice & be glad in it! PROVERBS 118 ????????

sulaiman a says:

Be Muslim u will reach and you will be change every thing you want

sulaiman a says:

Inshaaa allah now i start stoping bad things

Salman Ahmed Khan says:

I'll Start Over Today Thank You 🙂

DaUNTLESS-staying the Course says:

Yea thank God, I woke up today. Thank God for the second chance. What I'm doing differently now, is living in appreciation and it's been so amazing.

Ethereal Lyrics says:

I'm starting again. Join the little family and be part of my journey to the 1k ♡

Edit: thanks for the likes ♡♡♡

A Letty says:

I've had so many do overs. I thank GOD for each and everyday and for the gift of "the present" ???? to work on myself ✨.
I pray that I have enough time to become all that I am meant to be and more ⭐. And to KICK ASS in general ???????? ;).

Attitude Adjustment says:

No I dont want start over coz its like a Distilled water which is purest but really Unhealthy for us.. so there must be some minerals means must have some setbacks in life that will always push us forward..

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