Speed it Up – NEW Abraham Hicks 2019 (Law of Attraction)

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Inspired says:

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Rama Laxmi says:

I'm unlimited in non physical for currency in my bank account ??????????

Rama Laxmi says:

Amazing one ???it's not about Creation ??it's all about creating ????? I'm creating my life so beautifully abraham ?????all because of you only ??? always there is a great love here for all of you ????????

Rama Laxmi says:

What are you about this ??this??what are you doing now ?? did it?

Bisa Kovac says:

I really needed hear this todayThank you so much

Timberwolf Powler says:

It can literally recreate physical matter to what you desire because I did it to 2000 Mustang I own. The car is a Pony V-6 never laid a patch of rubber in 18 years-last fall… now lays out an easy 10 feet when I hit the gas! I love it! I manifest into everything everyday! I'm a happy camper.

Carol Loraine says:

Thank you!!

Carol Loraine says:

As long as I know it's LAW to realize it FULLY, then I will be FULLY patient!!!
And I will enjoy the unfolding with FAITH and CONFIDENCE! ?

Araqiel says:

I love you Abraham. Sooooooo much

garry G Ballard says:

Bravo – Beautiful ??? ?

Robert Ryan says:

Thankyou my friend. PS it's 12:34 in Australia. Puts me in the vortex. May listen to MY vibes of this unfolding. Love always. Ozzy Bob

Sue G says:

I like these small clips but could you put on them when Abraham actually said them, ie the month & year or something like that. Thanks

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