Some Laughs in Asheville

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Isabel Paiva says:

She is amazing 🙂

Geetika Sharma says:

Abraham has a great sense of humor !! Love from India <3

Mimi's Daily Tangle Tube says:

lool love it!!!

Meshell Funk says:

interesting and funny. . … Namaste.

ተመስገን ፈጣሪ says:

am sure and know I will meet you one day abraham. I have been blessed by your teaching.

Kathryn Beesley says:

esther / Abraham LOVE YOOOU you are FANTASTICAL love everything about you x x x x

Jodi Piotrowski says:

lol oh my God this is amazing! Had me laughing real good on this Saturday night! hahaha 😀

Angie F says:

That was awesome, I wish i was longer, I couldnt stop laughing!

Tobiwan Skenobi says:

This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing and now it is in me too.

Joseph De Vito says:

Thank you 🙂

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