She Attracted Millions – You're Next – FANTASTIC NEW Abraham Hicks 2019 (LOA)

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Miraculosa says:

Well a rich husband was not the path of least resistance for me then but I now have a better understanding for the women I used to judge for living a lavish life from their husbands fortunes.
I now understand that their desire was freedom and financial abundance which came to them through their path of least resistance!


Yes it’s attrACTION

Gudrun Brandt says:

This is my favorite video on YouTube. Has changed my whole perspective.

Teaira Eaton Curry says:

I get what the girls asking the question was saying. She wants to be on her grown woman too AND does not want to seem like a user asking for something that a lot of people have probably already asked him.

Ama Demi says:

Same with me was thinking and visualizing being a millionaire and I have attracted millionaire guy but I don’t want him to think I’m for his money but I like he is financially stable and I feel like if he thinks I am up to his money which I am not totally in to his money I love how he supportive and caring me and I want to make him sure that I am not in to his money. And I feel insecure sometimes because in my reality I’m not rich yet.

Robert Denham says:

She needs to remind people the source loves them all, and it has from day one. It placed clean water in the rivers, fresh fish in the lakes, berries on the bush, nuts on the trees and a sun that shines on all – for you.

Now look what we've done with that love, that fresh clean water, those fish in the now polluted lakes…

We want so much, and never is it enough, more more more the crowd roars.

Gratitude for what we do have left, and a long yearning for what I've witnessed now lost.

Linda Heyen says:

Wow Wow Wow, thank you so much, an aha moment for me too.
Love you very much ????

ThatEmpathSongstress says:

She wants her own money and I get it, but yea her money problems are solved in a way. October made a year since I've been on my synchronicity journey and I havent listened to ABRAHAM since March and I've missed her voice.

Wally G. says:

There’s no need for that earning and deserving believe. It’s all screwed up. Oh my. If she continues with that thought path. She’ll loose it all. Relax no need to question. We deserve it all. That is why we are here. That’s peanut gallery mentality. Oh my.

Frank Henson says:


Cherie Wi says:

Whoo.. this was for me, it's all about attracting not earning… thanks a lot..letting go of an old belief that says monney comes through suffering And hard work…

Laurentia Isaacs says:

This segmant was so fun!im so greatful to the universe for bringing this video into my day❤❤

Elizabeth Cook says:

I like this girl ????????

MoonWishes says:

Just because her Boyfriend is a millionaire it still remains to be seen if they actually stay together. It would be a different story if he married her. The title of this video is misleading.

Karen Fournillier says:

Wow nice ! Thanks Abraham! Needed to hear that ! It just released another block of resistance. VORTEX VISION! ????????

Miliana Colati says:

thank youuuu for this video ???? will watch repeatedly..❤️

Lucca Betta says:

I am really different in my thinking after listening to this. I have attracted a few very wealthy men in my life and I didn’t allow them in because I had the same thinking. They created the money not me!!!!

So I didn’t want them to think I would enter the relationship for that reason.

I appreciated this so much because I can see how I keep my umbrella up! I love the clarity and I love you Abraham for right timing as always. How is it I have been listening to you for years about 4 years now and I was not feeling the shift in this?

Well as you would say IT DOESNT MATTER!!

I am feeling the shift now!

I do want a prosperous life and a prosperous lover and prosperity surrounding me wherever I go.

Well being abounds in so many ways.

There is the greatest love here for you Abraham and Esther Hicks. ????????????

stsihli says:

Brilliant ???? ???? ???? !!!

Patty Kistner says:

This is so wonderful thank you

Shaquara Peters says:

I am thankful that I came across this video. I feel like this is happening to me now the same thing that she is talking about. This really made my day.

Margot Allingham says:

I so love this. It reminds me of myself in the past however not anymore

Kobe l Dillard says:

I love it so much, but why the adds tho?

Dallas Ivory says:

Thank you ????????????✨

Dimakatso Mahwai says:

There is no earning…. there is attracting…. that’s it for me right there! My aha moment ????????

Carol Whitmire says:

That was fun!!????✨????????????

Raymond Gross says:

Thank you Abraham

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