Shadow Work and the Law of Attraction (my experience)

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Aaron Doughty says:

hiii everyone! here is the meditation I mentioned in the video ! let me know what you think 🙂

Amy Glanzman says:

Thank you, I loved this video, and I listened/watched it a few times (exhaustion- due to stress) . So I was trying to get what you were saying because I know what your are saying is exactly what has been going on with me. The fixer… thats me (also a great Pearl Jam tune. Anyway… thank you! I'm sleep deprived after finishing the first week back to work, after summer break. So I am now a 7th grade teacher and I know I need to bring balance into my own life to be successful at supporting kids at an age when they are at risk of so many negative things. I hope after hearing your ideas, my brain can think about it, while my body rests 🙂 .

Raptors for the Win says:

i wonder if by fixing completely our flaws, we see less of it in the world. only one way to find out…

Sneha says:

Hundred percent agreed on everything you said in this video especially about being authentic ????????????????????

Karen Musignac says:

So thatz why some one else does your yard work.
I could hire some one to do my yard work. But I do it myself. Darn good workout

Ed says:

You can cut your own hair with clippers. Turns out fine for me. Loads of instruction here on Youtube. 🙂

JimmyGambiniEsquire says:

This is very good information. Great stuff. Ty

Dianie Irizarry says:

You had me LOLX when you said " hey this is what I want to do is that okay ? Is that okay if we do this ", and you had that look on your face because I HAVE BEEN THERE this was an awesome video ! Thanks for all the tips and insights your authentic self is AWESOME keep shining bro ????????

Implementation Is The key says:

feel rich and become rich!!!

Amalia A says:


Pallavi RC says:

Amazing video, love the personal experiences you’ve shared. I had a nightmare about a shadowy figure few nights ago and since then I’ve been interested in shadow work and integrating it. Another very interesting point I noticed was that people pleasing can occur with empaths … same thing about boundaries

Pallavi RC says:

Hahah my shadow is about stubbornness probably almost to a detriment sometimes where I can become borderline obsessive. It irritates me when people are unchanging and stubborn and are like my way or the highway…. Guess I need to loosen up a bit and be less obsessed and one track minded

Elle Sweet says:

Yeah and it's a two-way street because when you feel your passion and your authentic self Aaron u-command whoever's watching well I can only speak for myself to really tune in and listen because it comes across in every single way in tone of voice in just all the ways that you can command attention from somebody to believe you because you feel something about what you're saying and it it's an energy right we're all Just Energy and so yeah it's it's an extremely powerful whatever I don't know I can't I can't really think of but it's like tractor being when you're like that the other person reciprocates speaking for myself on video so yeah cool you're awesome I'm learning thank you namaste lalalalala

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