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D33Lux says:

When you're in the state of attraction its amazing how you become a magnet of many positive things. Most people focus too much on money, but don't see opportunity's, connections, advice, business contacts…etc is a path to make money. Everyone wants everything for free, but not willing to work for it or focus on making it happen mentally.

I've even had people receive gifts they didn't want, it turns out what they got was something I wanted and that person ended up giving it to me. I have manifested money in minutes, several times, from $5 dollars to hundreds of dollars, people seen it happen right in front of them many times on different occasions and couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it, but it happens without much effort. You just have to have the right state of mind and be grateful in the heart…even if its just finding 10 cents on the street, its still a positive path that will lead to other greater things. The universe sometimes gives you little gifts so you can learn humility and appreciation for everything!

The law of attraction is not magic, if you want financial success you have to surround yourself around something you're good at, makes you happy, good people, successful people, become good at it and then get paid for it or attract success people who can work with you. I've made others lots of money, people who even doubted and insulted me ended up profiting. Like I said, if you're positive, confident, self assured, pro-active, energetic, extroverted, you will attract positive things, opportunity's…etc.

If you think about it, you have to practice to become good at anything, being rich, successful, happy is something you have to learn to be good at for some people. You have to unlearn the negatives that we're all taught and practice to be in the positive vibration where it become YOU, its a normal thing to be in the positive state of mind and having the feeling of gratitude…all the time! You become the positive vibration and people could see it and feel it. You will shock the doubters, I guarantee it.

PANOP123 says:

Fascinating. This unlocked something for me. Deep gratitude.

baguar01 says:

I used to manage a Natural Food Store where I live in California. I made a sign once to promote baklava made by a small local organic bakery that said:
“You may not be in Greece but at least let your tastebuds go.”
What you are saying about focusing on the feelings of your manifestation reminded me of that.

Brittany Bryant says:

This is so good! You’ve presented this is a novel way to me. I’m having the same “AHA”moment you mentioned you had!!! ????

Ali Rahman says:

How are you

Judi FM says:

I never thought of it that way, but you’re 100% correct, we have experienced it all before. This is a game changer for future manifestations!! Thank you for breaking it down for us. Xoxo

Dharmendra Sharma says:

Very very nice ????

Valter Gonzaga says:

Zoey so, let's get start! =) When you are in your meditations can you visualize your goals through images, something like clairvoyance? Usually I expect to see constant images when I close my eyes, but most of these images occur only with scene descriptions.

danny cast says:

Gracias zoey por compartir tus maravillosos consejos eres la chica de mis sueños. si entendiste hazmelo saber por favor ily!

Ali Comando says:

Hi Zoey Have You Encountered A dog Attack ?

RiaBia121 says:

love how you explained that and broke it down. thank you!

Notorious J says:

Oh I love this! It's all about attaching feeling and emotions to what we want to manifest. Trying this ❤️????

Sean Harrison700 says:

Lol some weirdo disliked it….Good video as well..big up.

Michael R says:

I've never sat down and manifested on purpose….BUT! Next month I'm going to visit Florence, which is something I've thought about for YEARS. So maybe I was unknowingly manifesting this whole time? I don't know but either way I'm excited for Florence.

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