SCRIPTING & The Law of Attraction | What Am I Manifesting?

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Hayley M says:

Girl, I’ve been watching your videos for years now and it always astounds me to see how similarly our paths have unfolded and continue to unfold. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom through the ups and downs of your journey. You are so valued and appreciated!! ✨????

PANOP123 says:

Love this. Inspiring. As a fellow Torontonian, a Greek Canadian, and having been to Santorini with my wife for our honeymoon, I believe you will LOVE it. The sun, sunsets, ocean views, energy…it still feels like a profound dream. May you have a majestically romantic and dreamy adventure!

According to Alondra says:

I only just bought a journal specifically to start scripting! ???? I’m very excited to see how it works out! This video is motivating and I like the idea of providing all the details when it comes to our senses ????❤️

Danniessa says:

If you're trying to manifest a partner, you have to act as if (in consciousness) that you're already in a relationship. Stop thinking and speaking from a single girl point of view. You're already in a relationship with the love of your life Zoey, claim it now. I love to read Neville Goddard's materials. He really helps me live in the wish fulfilled. Much love x

That 70's Reader says:

I think it's awesome that you're in Toronto!!

danny cast says:

Thanks zoey you are my inspiration good vibrations for you princess wonderful i love canada i love toronto really ily!

عمر صالح says:

L love you Canada l m from to Jordan????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Norwall Music says:

2nd time watching this. ????????

Dayna Fey says:

[Scripting is fulfilling our souls desires.] Love the way you put that. Makes it sound that much more attractive to start that habit. Who wouldn't want to fulfill that?

Heal Sing Love says:

Thanks Zoey! I've been scripting for the last 3 months all about my Crystal Reiki healing business and I've seen a steady change for the better. ♡

baguar01 says:

A couple of close family members just got back from Santorini and were showing me photos.
Sooooo beautiful !
Loved this scripting video because I am facing a challenging situation, and your reminder and description of scripting is going to help me achieve the positive outcome I want.
Thank you for that Zoey 🙂 ????

Notorious J says:

I bought a journal! I haven't started to fill it out yet though, soon! I've been visualizing myself with a loving partner and enjoying travelling the world as well! It's time we both find the love of our life, we deserve it ❤️❤️

CanadianWatcher 693 says:

Yes but seriously, mine is like yours, because you are in it. Travel without a solid destination in my mind, but you were there. I know it's somewhere warm with lots of fish and fruit. I don't know if I can make THAT happen though. ❤️

Danny Danny says:

Vlog! <3

Christina Petkova says:

You have no idea how helpful it is that you reminded me of scripting! Thank you so much Zoey!

Gigi Perrusquia says:

Awesome. Look at you! Imaging Santorini! My dream home! I too have been scripting my way to a beautiful life for my son in Santorini.
I'm currently using afformations with an o. Asking why was it so easy for my son and I to make a life in Santorini?
Why was your vacation to Santorini, with your love so amazing Zo?

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