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Umu aisha Sheikh says:

I start everyday something but I can't fulfill my dreams another day new thing I'm tired now I only Watching motivational videos ?

Tuyết Lê says:

Vietsub please!

Prince Arthur Louis Pagan says:

Excellent presentation!

ahkillez64 says:

damn commercials really bug these days…way too many…youtube sucks these days

Jaime Merino says:

What about all the banks who take advantage of us, they are THE most successful of all. So BS

Geo Diver says:

The adds really ruined this video

patinom2 says:

Minute 5:51 it turns into an HerbaLife commercial FUCK SAKE!!! AND videos put in ads WTF!!!

Get wisdom says:

I got it now . Thanks

jdjewellpa says:

I used to love this video but now it's really disheartening and uncomfortable when you hear the likes of De Niro and Jim Carrey speaking. they have outet themselves to be the most Loveless hateful people on this planet with vulgar public displays of their political opinions. Yet they speak about doing things with love but they do the opposite at every opportunity. It is very disheartening

Fernelly Sarria says:

Work on your Focus make it as sharp as a knife a sharp knife not only cuts through an apple it can cut through anything.

Stellah Serunjogi says:

The law of attraction !bravo!

Weyland Betha says:

Demand the benefits of life…Demand it of yourself. Thank you Jim Rohn.

Ms. Pierre says:

“Your need for attention makes you invisible”


Denzel stole from Les Brown.

Dan Witzke - Your Financial Health says:

"to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did" – great line

David Burden says:

Herbal life kills your $oul

David Burden says:

Herbalife scam was a shame!!!!

Helen says:

Awful background music

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