Remote seduction and how to use Law of Attraction to get to them to fantasize about you

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vaishali kamble says:

Please make some videos on health , money amanda

Mi Buri says:


Dylan Leon Guerrero says:

Could you please give the link to patreon? 🙂

Sanet Kaltenrieder says:

Is payment requested to view video's?

jublee786 says:

hey amanda can you please tell answer some day how to detach instantly after setting and intention and how would you differentiate when you are not needy for something or too attached.

Chica E says:

And be careful with remote the past (when I didnt know mental diet etc and I just knew that I have to visualise a sex with him and this is remote seduction) so when I did it I was obssesed wih him and still horny and not he with me..yes he wanted sex with me and he liked t with me so much but it doesnt mean he wanted a relationship with me…and he deleted me from fb and blocked because probably he fellt strong sexual desire and I was read that this happened more people who did RS..but I dont really understand why you create a special page with payment…when all these things we can create simply with intentions too..

Chica E says:

What is difference on this?? We just simply create intentions that he do what we want in bed and they famtazise about me and its all …

G Driver says:

What is a paytrion? Where is it?

Robina R. says:

What is the Patreon?

Meredith says:

Awesome you’re doing viewer questions over there!

Thembi Costa says:

A double post from Amanda??? Something good is in the air

Queen Lastlight says:

How the heck do you read my mind woman?

Mandy Nuttall says:

Ooh exciting!! Xx🍹🌹🍷💖🥰

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