Quantum Leap Your Life in 2020 | Bob Proctor

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

Fill out the form on this page for more info about our upcoming Matrixx event: http://bit.ly/32PivfF

Lil Baelien says:

Heated walk way????

Tu Le says:

It oan pp let more rose my life

Felicitas Reyes says:

How I wish I can attend it personally. I am from the Philippines.

Lily J says:

Hi Bob,
This is wonderful, but not everyone that has ideas for something new, has the money, or able to get the money, to participate in this program.
And sometimes, people who say they want to help you, ask for all the money upfront, or treat someone who’s just starting, like an established major corporation in their pricing, as well as ongoing charges.
If those who want to help others (not talking about you) partnered with those who have an idea, both would benefit and prosper – but companies who have big business as their clients, don’t think of this.
Just some observations.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Nikki Young says:

Anyone else checking out Bobs beautiful home in the background!?

JR says:


Jenny Jansen says:

Hay Bob ik ben Nederlandse verstaat moeilijk Engels wil het graag volgen kan u mij helpen groetjes Jenny

Thiago Santos says:

I love my teacher bob

lilsmurfysmurf says:

I am manifesting financial and time freedom to be in all of Bob Proctor lessons ….

Francel Sun says:

i want to join too next time

Sean Sena says:

Bob is an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. I'm glad I found him!

3025127 says:

Thank you for the experience.

Dom Lang says:

The energy coming from these people really is… phenomenal! 🙂 I made it a goal of mine to meet Bob Proctor in 2019… if I ever make it to that point, I will surely know that I have changed my world! All thanks to Bob Proctor!

SK says:

Thnx for guidance to everyone 👍🏻😘

R G SWamy says:

I need to be with u Bob, thank u for the gift i got from u,, thank u thank u thank u

maldives-joshua joseph says:

Bob Proctor is my Hero of this century. Thanks Bob.

Mr.chuuk truetells says:

that is so cool to be at his house.

Charles Douglas says:

Muito em breve estarei aí em busca de aprendizado e conhecimento.👏🙏

Ryan Potter says:

level 2 of my teachers meditation course is grounding negative thoughtforms, a.k.a paradigms, and its amazing how many are passed on from parents

ipad mini4 says:

Praying that you can conduct a matrix event here in the Philippines =)

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