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noe1992 says:

100k congrats! You are one of my fave youtubers. You are someone to look at in a World so materialist and superficial. You are really one in a million.

L Azul says:

Your main message, always the best part of your videos ✨ thank you for the reminder to think by ourselves and to be respectful!

Thainá Rodrigues says:

Anna, about the videos I suggest u to watch The Century of the Self and Story of Stuff, both are very good and helped me open my mind even more
Love your videos

kyra says:

i agree w you on the psychedelic thing. (according to the mental health "professionals") i was addicted to multiple substances including psychedelics. i took LSD for the first time at age 12 because i wanted to have an ego death. just ended up getting psychosis. like don't get me wrong, the history of tribal use of plant medicines and of psychedelics in the west is super rad, but a lot of drugs are laced nowadays and are hard to get pure and safe. people preach using substances for spiritual growth without talking about possible negative experiences.

Lauren Callahan says:

It's worth noting that what you refer to as "islamic extremism" is not a religion. Islam is a religion, and just as with any other religion, there are hateful people who want to spread violence and hatred. Islamic extremist organizations are political not religious. It just happens that as history shows us, religion is way for powerful people to create hatred and incite violence. I wanted to point this out because maybe this is just the language that you use, but clumping the actions of some violent hateful people with a religion of 1.6 billion people seems like the types of dangerous generalizations that leads to events like the recent shooting in New Zealand.

gigi nury says:

I did like the video ? i enjoy the real you.

Winpixie says:

Do you feel superior to other people for the fact of being more pseudo spiritual?

deals from virginia says:

Anna you might want to look into some carrier counseling and aptitude testing to help you learn more about what you might be interested in.

Tune In Drop Out says:

Great video…great message. Keep up the good work.

Alvaro Rodríguez says:

Were you born in another country or why do you say in the begining that you dont speak english very well? xD

elhadi glisper says:

i dont understand the point of being vegan . idk who created this world but he made this life not fair.animals eats animals and we do too . and i know that plants are more important for planet earth than animals so more animals means less plants . and i hate to kill animals too but i buy already dead ones . sorry for my bad english but can u explain more

Felipe Arce says:

Congrats on 100k

Mark Wagner says:

Whoosh. If it isn't RIGHT for the primary market, it certainly isn't right for the secondary market. Pick and stick, playing the middle ground is certainly NOT vegan. 🙂

Andre Luiz says:

Entendo pouco de inglês,mas curto seus vídeos, acho legal!

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