Protégé Spotlight | Bill Banta

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Frederick Ager says:

Nice presentation.

Celia Filla says:

I've been in this teaching and teaching it for a long time. The biggest lesson is to know, it's a process. We all come in this world with karma and different lessons to learn. Be patient and never give up.


And thank you to Bob. Through him my videos are curing people.

Maher Alassar says:

I been watching videos of Bob the last 2 years and I tried everything and always something happened stop me to keep going I’m not in good situation right now and I need help to make it happen

Jonathan S says:

Grateful that when I signed up for the coaching program they made you my coach bill love seeing you do good

Lucius ColdStone says:

Congrats Bill!

Med Oubella says:

thanks bob .

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