Protégé | Paradigm Shift Discussion | June 2019

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Camille Carter says:

This Guy, Arash Vossoughi, he sounds out of breath and Really Sluggish……what in the World, is Going On, Lol!!!!????? But outside of that "Weirdness"- I Like what he mentioned about "choosing 1 thing 2 be Focused on and doing Everything he was told to do, jst as Bob Proctor have Often said, when he was 1st given the book, 'Think and Grow Rich' by his 1st Mentor.??

Feruza Djuraeva says:


Sema Sariyildiz says:

If you don t know what you want and what to do, you start to lifecoach and you get rich. This is the conclusion in all the video s here apparently.

SuperStaticGamer says:

Soo much knowledge in this and the free preview

Issac diaz says:

Not try'n to slow you down in anything you say young lady so no one would feel offended young or old you could say ?? there are generation's gathered today for this event learning from each other … and so on n on….. I sense a poops I don't want to offend nobody in your words.. just being honest but I love all the videos have a great day

Michael Davis says:

So this guy learnt to sell the dream and became wealthy too… hmm strange that ?

Finding Awesome says:

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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