Prosperity Mindset & Changing Limiting Beliefs | LoA Success Stories | Manifestation Monday

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Sarah ahmed says:

Money flows to me easily. ❤️✨

emilie lea says:

I needed this today!

Becca Ponce says:

I listened to this yesterday and it really does work! I booked an appt for laser lipo (I have an event coming up) I know it works since I’ve done it before to get my before baby body back. Anyways, it’s about $125 a session and I told myself

“it’s ok, I deserve it and I can afford it”

The receptionist said they had a special going on… $70 per month for two sessions!

Thank you universe!

Cindy Torrico says:

Money flows to me every day! I am a strong money magnet!

Mahasweta Banerjee says:

Thank you leeor ❤️… So much gratitude

Winnie Winkles says:

This is super helpful Leeor. Yes please to going more into detail about the abundance steps thank you 🙂

Haleigh Wimbish says:

More videos on money please! I learned to say I am circulating money rather than spending money; that way I put it out there that money is always coming my way.

Bhu says:

Leeor, instead of saying "spend", say "circulate". "I circulated money", instead of "I spent money." Learned that from the late Rev. Ike. Hope that helps someone too.

MargRdrgz says:

Hey Leeor, I just read your email for today! I would LOVE to listen to Aaron's lodcast about your Twin Flame story. Is there a way Android users can listen? Loving your emails, btw!

Brianna Sanchez says:

I manifested arianna grande tickets!!!!! I’m going to make a video about it! It’s so crazy! I told myself I was going to her concert as her music has helped me through so many tough times this year! I was in the story the tickets weren’t in my budget but I decided even tho I didn’t have enough- I would be going. Would you guess what happened? My cousin surprised me and bought me tickets in the freeken pit!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going on Monday! Can you believe that?!

Brianna Sanchez says:

Ugh I loved this!!!!!!! This was so awesome! I feel so abundant now!!

sandra carty says:

I started useing ur mantra “ I am rich I can afford this … and since I started writing it daily in my journal I’ve booked two holidays & bought myself a new car ? ❣️

Rosy Rituals says:

Hi. Q: Just out of curiosity… why is it named the baby elephant community?

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