Prosperity Habits | Bob Proctor

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HYPNOZINE | Hypnosis Magazine says:

Why does the bookshelves in the background move right and left? :/ Seems like this is not his real desk. It is a greenbox video production.

Slavko Vidovic says:

Thank you sir

uwimana simon says:

Thank you, Mr. Bob, for sharing, thank you so much.

Uduthala Vamshi says:

Hlo every who is here.
Am manifesting my dream job without any eligibility or educational qualification
Will it possible to attract the government job without eligibility using law of attraction
Please suggest me some one
Thank you

Sterling Lowery says:

Success leaves clues. Readers are Leaders, and Learners are Earners.

mahmoud haseeb says:

good morning from egypt

Wm Franklin says:

I nominate Bob Proctor the most interesting man in the world. Will some one second this motion?

CheeryGiggles says:

The volumen is low

Vishnu M P says:

Thank you Bob. I'm following your words since some years ago when I got the book 'The secret'. It helped me a lot. I got amazing results when I used the LOA effectively. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge with us.

Ramon Viana says:

Brasil Bahia

Melissa Shannon says:

very helpful. thank you. ????????????????????????????????

Daniel Russo says:

Bobs looking good!!

Ithayaraj Augustine says:

What book did he mentioned?

Awareness says:

I have promised 7 months ago that I will finish my book. It is finished and it is given for translation. It will be live on Amazon in 2 weeks. Best-selling book because I study Bob everyday for 7 years…

Mr.chuuk truetells says:

thank you Bob, that suit is nice and you look good

Rick Callanan says:

Thanks Bob. If you change your paradigm, will that automatically make you stop mixing with people that are not going anywhere? Because I heard somewhere that once you feel the accomplishment of the goal through constantly imagining the end result in the present moment, you will be automatically moved into taking the right action

Aurora Umezawa says:

Good morning! … from Tokyo.

Noor Noor says:

Thank you very much. Bob Proctor.

Gerhard Radstake says:

This week I´m working on key attribute #6 expecting and believing I will be prosperous. And #3 will also get attention to see how I can create another virtual classroom that brings in an extra stream of income in addition to helping people to setup their own virtual classroom to add an income stream to their business.

Séb Zero says:

The king of Paradigm !! Thanks Bob

Peariies Menitta says:

i love your TIR courses : )

Doug's custom car garage says:

Thanks you Bob

Peejayohhh says:

What are the key attributes of prosperous people?
1. Definite and measurable financial goal!
2. Definite study program plan to follow
3. Constantly looking for a new source of income
4. You got to mix with successful people
5. They listen
6. They expect and believe they will be prosperous

Thank you Bob! I hope I can apply all attributes! Slowly but surely! ????

maroc player says:

Can you tell us the books that changed your life

djayasandya says:

Thank you,Sir.

Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos says:

Writing down my goals has helped me immensely ????

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