Program Your Mind While You Sleep! (Subconscious Mind Programming) Law of Attraction | The Secret

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Your Youniverse says:

Recommended Video: Once You Control THIS, You Can Manifest ANYTHING!

Ary Munoz says:

thank you…so informative..things like this should be taught in our educational and light..Namaste

Dwarrior says:

The only problem I have with this is that when I try any of these methods before I go to sleep I get myself amped up and then I cannot fall asleep, because my mind is now going a million miles an hour. Any suggestions on that?


Thanks You ❤ great creative possibility to achieve what i won't God ?Bless As all thanks You ????

In Da Cut says:

Binaural beats work magic

Jennifer Piggott says:

Jessica you are just awesome thank you.

Ron Arana says:

Wow! Again You are such an Amazing Blessing !!! Thank You so much Jessica !!

The Dominican Way says:

I became the 313 like and its 303 and 33 comments

Vandana Raghavan says:

I used to have great difficulty in falling asleep. My stress levels so high that, however tired i was, i would still toss and turn. Ever since I started to give gratitude to whatever i have in life or whatever good things happened that day, I would fall asleep without effort. It took time to heal myself, but am really happy I did. A video from this channel was the first one which guided me initially.

Thank u Jessica. ? God bless you. Loads of love ?

Mike G says:

Thank you for this, your timing is perfect. I appreciating your great work

Douglas Wallace says:

Speak to your phone to recall your dreams. {{ Its the 1st thing you pick up anyway, RIGHT ? ! }} Writing is incredibly slow. I had 8 – 10 very clear impressions about my dream, but by the time I wrote down "I was lost in a large hotel, running, searching, several rooms, several floors." everything else was forgotten

Naughty Pleasure says:

Lucid Dreaming?

Sunny Roses says:

Dreaming about…… working?!?!?! ????

Jordan Oliver says:

Very helpful and enlightening thank you so much

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