Powerful Law of Attraction Sleep Technique To REPROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND While Sleeping!!!

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Jake Ducey says:


Greeshma Girish says:

thankyou Jake! will do this for sure

Pedro Pablo Cuvi Santa Cruz says:

From Ecuador, thank you very much! I will do it!

amber g says:

Step 1) write over and over again things you want for 10 mins.
Step 2) get image (vision board) of what you want and focus in that afterwards. use hypnosis on very low. write things enough to relax conscious mind

Jewel Foster says:

Are subliminals real ?

TrapGoddess says:

Im doing this! I already wrote for 10 mins straight and itz crazy how muvh my brain didnt believe what i was writting that i was literally having to focus to finsh the 10 mins! I have a lot of pruning and sprouting to do!

Prerna tiwary says:

I love to watch your videos,it's a must watch for everyone to change their life,Thanks for the information,surely going to adopt these steps in life..love from India!

Earl Grier says:

Philadelphia ?

Amos Kithuka says:

Thank you for the teaching, it's sinking slowly by slowly.

Nick Blakeley says:

Yes i will do this. Hi from Tennessee

Ronald Kerr says:

Hey Jake….THIS is the best video that you made….In my opinion, of course. I'm definitely going to do this. I went to Wal-Mart,
I got my poster board for my vision board, bought some elmers glue, downloaded my Google images….I'm good to go.
The only thing I haven't tried yet, is the hypnotic writing. I have heard that there's something magical about "writing it down"
So yeah, ALL systems go here….This is Ronald from Granite Falls, NC USA

Bryant Harper says:

Love your stuff Jake. Thanks

Neil Goloy says:

Hi Jake, I'm taking notes of what you're saying. You have a way of making manifestation principles easy to understand and apply. Your teachings are really life changing. My situation is getting better, thanks to you… 🙂

SMITHA V says:

Magnetic eyes

Ritu Parna Samanta says:

I think his eyes is hypnoticand smile is magnatic ?? If you are agree with me then hit like my comment ?????

Melody Khounsavath says:

Hi Jake! Coming in from Anchorage, Ak. I started writing down everything I wanted last week and reprogramming my subconscious. I listen to your success hypnosis every morning at work and during my work out. Thank you!

manjit singh says:

I can't understand a word in ur statement from success hypnosis. Will it still work? Thankyou

Dick Coriell says:

I'm going to start tonight!

Healthy innovations says:

I'm going to do it for an awesome 2018! Coming from Motown…..Detroit Michigan!

Ajahnee Harris says:


L U N A says:

Hey, do you have a hypnosis without any binaurals?

Mo Farnell says:

I’m doing this right now thank you Jake ??

Zoe Coleman says:

"if you can rewire your brain, you can rewire your subconscious mind"

Zoe Coleman says:

blowing my mind, jake!
wow, you're brilliant the way you string ideas together

Milan Kmet says:

Slovakia, and iam about to change my life in 2018 and i mean rlly change my life money will be coming to me from everywhere???

Obscure Je t'aime says:

I will, and love from Montana:)

Tanveer Sarna says:

Hey jake do subliminals on youtube work?

Ewan Mcsorley says:

Hi jake! Your videos are awesome and help a lot. However I struggle to create images of me being confident in different situations as that's what I'd like to attract. Any suggestions of what I should visualise in order to do this? Please write back when you have the chance.

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