Power of Mind | Law Of Attraction | Tamara Kalinic

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Alice Cribbs says:

Thank you for sharing this information with us. I found it very helpful. Your passion for the subject really shows. Continued blessings!

natnovakovic says:

Great video Tamara! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I read the Secret but I would suggest to you Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. Also a very good book!

Nhung Pham says:

I really love this video!! ❤️❤️❤️

Brunette B says:

Great Video ! Love it and It is so right ! ??? give you will receibe love

Ivana Leković-Cartner says:

Secam se jednog tvojeg ranog videa kada si tek pocinjala, pomenula si Hermes torbu i kako bi zelela da je imas a tada nisi bila u situaciji ali si naglasila kako si sigurna da ces je jednoga dana imati, samo je potrebno da vredno radis. Imala sam isto godina kao i ti i secam se da me je ta recenica tada inspirisala.

The Blonde Avenue says:

waited for this video for a while my love. your spirit is beautiful. its obvious. xx

MrsHoranPayne says:

you are amazing

Lennie C says:

Thank you for this very inspiring video, Tamara

Sabrina Shekofteh says:

Love this video, thanks, darling! xo

Tehlyn Murray says:

After watching previous videos of yours about the law attraction I have been using it ever since. Last year I applied for my dream job, I got through to all the interview stages but missed out. I decided I would just keep trying next year and remain grateful for the opportunity that I got to meet people at my dream job. This week I found out that one of the candidates had pulled out that had been accepted and I got a call to do another interview for the position I had applied for! The universe is making my dream job happen ??

Ka Ta says:

Ko moze da udari dislike na inteligenciju ove devojke??

Agnes L says:

I love this video everything about it is just amazing!!

B B says:

I loved this video! Can you make a video about how you started blogging and how you succeed in this business ?

Miky Gonzalez says:

I loved this video! ?❤️

Joan says:

Thank you for this video. I try but sometimes there are feelings that are stronger than me. I´m going to read the books that you mentioned and practice.

Bleeding Heart says:

Thank you for being inspiring and sharing with us your journey!

Tracy Bennett says:

You are such a beautiful person inside and out and a joy to watch.I really needed this video for positive thinking,thank you ?

Rosa Duquette says:

Yay, finally yes, you have done a video that I have been waiting to see Tamara :-} I too, have read the Secret and Believe in positive thinking, and yes sometimes fall off track. But I, keep on trying everyday to stay positive, the feeling must be stronger though. Thanks, fro sharing this awesome experience with us, cause we all can have/experience great things. Love and Peace

just_ myself says:

Ok…počinješ mi se sviđati ,jedan od boljih videa ??

Kamen Kamenov says:

Literally following the law of attraction right now… BEST VIDEO OF YOU MY DARLING. Do u know the videos of Jake Ducey?

3112sol says:

Love love this topic !
If anyone is looking for a book recommendation I highly recommend the game of life and how to play it ! ? and the YouTube channel leeor Alexandra ! ❤️

Lisa Chopp says:

Best explanation of Universal Law……EVER!!!! 143

Rebecca Klompus says:

Love the sweater

Sara Sinožić says:

Wooooow !! Znači, mislim da će ovo postat video kojeg ću gledati 365 dana godišnje !! Hvaaalaaaa ❤
p.s. može video o knjigama koje si pročitala i koje su ti koristile, ali ne samo o zakonu privlačenja, nego i u poslovanju. Hvala, sunčan pozdrav iz Poreča ???

SP500 says:

I literally attracted a fashion blogger with the same interest in law of attraction ???

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