Perfect Practice Makes You Perfect | A Conversation with Bob Proctor

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Mike Locke says:

Brain food 🧠 🥘

Dexign3D says:

Well said. Empower others to empower others.

Marshall Anthony. says:

Glad to see Bob is still alive and kicking it.!

Nicky Wicks says:

I love this video. I wake people up with my music, positive vibration. 🍀

Vapourettes eCigs says:

Who is the man that gave you the book?you mention him in every video yet never say his name

yshk viswanatham says:

Your performance is not so good how can I after message I believe only if no message then I will do . yshkviswanatham MscBed.

Nagesh V says:

Bob u r changing millions of people by just sharing ur thoughts on available platforms so life purpose of urs fulfilled to optimum level

Konnex says:

Great interview Dave! Were you alittle nervous talking to bob?

rain pain says:

Never heard an 80yr old who's so wise and fluent and young.

Scott Duncan says:

It's nice to hear where Dave had learned from Bob Proctor for his own life. It's always nice to see great people interviewing people who they look up to and have learned from.

MutaleTFLo Chendelamusonda says:

Wow I like that part Bob says"I wanna wake someone up the way someone wake me up" thank you

James Wong says:

Amazing content in this video.

ChristiaanOosterveen says:

Great to see you together with your mentor! Aren't we blessed that we can find all these insights on YouTube? It took him 9yrs to figure out what made him change. Thanks 🙏

Jim Riley says:

I loved hearing this interview. Thaks for sharing… Keep doing what your doing

Ken Corigliano says:

This is great!

Rally Flip Cap says:

Love these two beautiful minds!

Vanessa Hollenbeck says:

Love you both! Rock stars!!

Arpit Dahal says:

Thank you for sharing this.

daretell says:

Wow, love this video! So much value, thanks David!!

Enes Yildiz says:

Thank you so much for uploading this, I truly enjoyed it and I just love listening to Bob and his wisdom.

Ryan Knows Crypto says:

This was so valuable, I watched it twice.

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