Pay Close Attention: These 13 Principles Will Change Your Life Like Night and Day

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Jeff Mejia says:

Spoiler alert–if you really want all this info then all you need to do is read the book Think and Grow Rich. That's all Proctor used when he first started and that's all you really need. Everything else is just 'fluff' to reinforce everything that's in Hill's book. You can and should listen to Nightingale's condensed version on the 'net. I do everyday. It keeps me focused on where I want to go.

But the key ingredient is 'desire' If you've ever been hell bent on getting something on the point of obsession then you most likely got it or achieved it. By being obsessive you were most likely very persistent in your pursuit of it as well. It's all you thought about, talked about, bored people about. Looking back you yourself might have even told yourself, "I can't believe I actually did that!"

I've listened to most of Proctor's material because like you I think it's good and It keeps me motivated. But it's redundant if you've noticed. Once you read Think and Grow Rich you have all you need.

All in all most people and I mean the vast majority want the 'secret' placed in their hands like that magic diet pill that's supposed to make you lose 100 pounds without dieting nor exercising. It doesn't work like that. I know that there many people that pay a lot of money to attend Proctor's workshops and I wonder why? Do they honestly think by continuing to make Proctor's dream become a reality (making a lot of money by speaking to people) that their dreams will become a reality as well?

These thirteen Principles are found in Think and Grow Rich. Combine that with the "Cold Shower Morning Technique" which helps with getting rid of the 'fear' factor and "uncomfortable' feeling you'll feel when life begins to change and you'll be just fine folks. BUT, you really have to want it–to the point of obsession.

Frederick Ager says:

Do You HEAR or Do You Listen?

Celia Filla says:

All great teachers today have learned for the great man. Thank you Bob for being my mentor.

Secret Cloud7 says:

Who would dislike this?! Bob is a LEGEND.

cissabutterfly says:

You are THE BEST BOB PROCTOR !????????❤??

cissabutterfly says:

POWERFUL???????????????????I want it!


Thanks You Mr. Bob ??

RewindJacobjake by Güifivision says:

Philosophy like a movie trailer, awesome!

Jay's Portraits says:

Thank you Bob

bigbone06 says:

You have to turn it into a burning desire. Otherwise you're never gonna get it. ???

Sara says:

Man these are just teases of the actual thing ?

Vince Grueiro says:

This is better than a Avengers movie trailer (:

Carmen Dumitrescu says:

Thank you Mr Bob! "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal!"?❤

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