Paradigms 101 | Bob Proctor

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Wan Cia says:

Love the tie

Tasha Haddox says:

I just lost my job, my granny is coming down with dementia. I am lost! HELP!!

Tasha Haddox says:

I need this so bad!! I been watching you since 2012!! Amazing!! I made a decision that I want this!!! Bob Proctors you are amazing!!!

M4M1ke says:

Watching you since january 2016 when my life really took a turn for change! Thank you Bob from the bottom of my heart! You the man!

Constance Fredericka says:

Thanks Bob, can you please shift ur paradigm and make a trip to Chicago, lol ? I'd come out for a Meet&Greet, Lecture, Lesson, Seminar or what have you ??… Thanks, Love & Hugs ❤

Mayur Ravindra says:

Thank you Bob for another inspiring video.?

Alex L.A. says:

you changed my life thank you bob! im getting all the results i want <3

Utsav Mishra says:

Bob I watched your video since I was young. I just wish your good health. Hope you like comment Bob.

zinhle khumalo says:

Never been this earlier much love??????South Africa

Odair Santana says:

Um abraço meu mentor !
Sou muito grato por você.
Pois é minha inspiração.

Badal Pawar says:

Luv from India ??

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