OWN YOUR MIND – Best Motivational Video

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Nakita Rice says:

One of the things I wanna say is if your watching this in a dark place rember everyday is a good to try everyday is a day to be greatful for

John Owens says:

It is mad that other ethnic groups can explain better where we are than we can our self

Wanda Moss says:

God is good all the time and all the time God is good no matter what happens to me I know He is good!

Mohammed Mubarak says:

What would your life be like if you don't give a f**k

Live Love And Learn says:

Learn to let go of the past . You’re in Control https://youtu.be/wyX83AVbJVI

Saliha Moutadjer says:

Change your strategies change your methode .you are gonna find your way…..bleive me

knowledge seeker says:

Move so you can grow

kimara mckinney says:

the smack of the lips ever few words…kills the vibe a lil lol

Stephen Van Horn says:

Lift yourself up, you are more than you think. Being positive and striving to enjoy the contrast. Push, love change and become the being you were meant to be.

Bernabe Silva says:

Hakuna Matata

Coelina Martinez says:

https://instagram.com/axiombehindart?igshid=dns9w6qtr8r8 by 2025, I will be successful of my work. My art is my voice and i will scream till im where I want to be.

Matthew Blake says:

Thank you:)

Lurh Zwane says:

I wish id seen this Video earlier this year, the downdalls ive had almost had me to down my grave, but still believe i can do it

Ron Johnson says:

Change your belief system and everything around you will change. Self-love #lifecoachrjohnson

NamePending says:

What a beacon in the time of "think positive"!

Abbès Skim says:

I'm here because i want to learn english and i understand a lot of this vedeo, it's very motivated, tanks a lot

felix latuo says:

this video has actually changed the way i see life.
every season has an end .

Raheem Bedward says:

Just want to say I'm from Jamaica born Jamaican bin true some hot hard time…..I remember when I was 16 I started to listen Denzel Washington motivational quote…my life change alot up to today….one of my biggest Dream in life is to see Denzel Washington on day

Danger FAZE says:

I will make it

Andreea Ilie says:

Dream big and believe in yourself…….you do not need to settle for less then you deserve.

TheOneXTheOnly 2 says:

What I've learned so far from this, what ever doubts you have about doing something, do it. If you think about doing something and never do it you aren't going to grow.

Tonya Soape says:

I have watched a few speeches over the past few days and I came across this one. I have struggled with epilepsy for years and have let it hold me back because I thought I couldn’t do anything anymore. I’m moving on. I can’t get rid of it but I’m moving on. I can still live my life. I’m tired of being scared. Move forward!

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