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commonfaithz says:

I am going to try this now, and when my manifestation comes, I shall come back and report!

Mrs. Cross says:

So I guess no one else saw those orbs?

Icy jalloh says:

I just did this technique… I’ll update you in the future…

Mz.Carter2You87 says:

Definitely trying this tonight! Thanks Sparkle, you're awesome and I've been following you now for awhile, wanting to start my own business..

Shay Monique says:

For each situation do you have to drink another glass of water?

Clepto CoD says:

Just did it. I will receive. And you will too!

especiallyy jaravenn says:

She’s such a beautiful soul❤️ this is currently me with my channel. Dodging negative thoughts of quitting. Not just about subscribers but I want to share a bond of love with others whom enjoy authenticity and positive energy ya know. Btw, hoping every single one of you achieve what you desire and I pray you’re granted the patience awhile you wait your blessings!????????????

Chantelle SM says:

How often can you do this, sence you can manifest one thing at a time. Also when is the best time to do this? Thank 

Elevate Together says:

I just did it! Looking forward to sharing the results! IT IS DONE!

nafeesa dalvi says:

Hi @sparkle Marie I would like to know after doing this for a specific thing should I continue to write in my journal for same.

C Will says:

Thanks for this~! I will try this;)

dee lee says:

I will try this and I will share!????

dee lee says:

You are beautiful! ????

dee lee says:

Amazing video!????

Jazmine Black says:

I just did it here sitting at work at my desk! It is done

Mizzle Baaby says:

this was amazing

Just Janice says:

I came back to say what I manifested on Monday became reality today ????????.

I went on an interview and came across this video. They called me today and said I got the job

Phiwe dlaba says:

I'm manifesting a best friend

Angela Roseberry says:

Its nothing wrong with giving it a try. I'll be back with results

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