Our Dream House Manifested! (The Law Of Attraction Works!)

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Kevin Winters says:

I haven’t smiled since yesterday but I smiled watching this congrats

Nicole Jordan says:

Yaaaaaay!!!! Y'all bought your new home!!! Great Job!!

AnkhNebtHetKa Jefferson says:

Nice home so much space! This is what's needed for my 9 children and myself

Caro Lei says:

Congratulations ❤❤❤

Gekyume says:

Congratulations on your new home! It’s absolutely gorgeous! ?

Derrick Hammond says:

Congratulations!! That house is amazing?

Joella Lockette says:

Congrats holding onto my vision for my home!!

Jonathan Brown says:

Words cannot express how joyful I am to see you manifest your dream home! I used to download your youtube videos and play them on my phone while going for walks, I was in a very dark place and your videos helped me see the light again. Thank you for leading the way Justin, you deserve all the good things that come to you and more! Bless you and your family, may abundance, love and prosperity continue to flow into your life endlessly.

Sukanya Sharma says:

I have an important exam coming up. Can I get through by believing… And using law of attraction??

Mariama says:

Truly so happy for you guys, you have a beautiful family!❤️❤️❤️????

Cathie says:

Inspiring is an understatement !! Congrats to you and your family ??

rocky cute says:

Beautiful home?

Daniel Rodrigues says:

Justin is the manifestation guru of the universe!

Brian Webb says:

Congrats Mr. Perry! Think it, Believe it, Receive it, and its yours! So inspiring!

TheGaming Wolf Explorer says:

OMG it's huge!?congrats man!it's me Taha

Jo Star says:

Wow amazing! So happy for you and this makes me really happy and a believer!

Maddie A says:


IAm Sunshyne says:

Cool! You got it!! Ase brotha. Best wishes to you and your lovely family!!! ??????

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