One Word that STOPS the Law of Attraction in its Tracks (Never Say This)

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey Everyone! I just created a Free Subconscious Mind meditation that I think you guys will find powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡
Much love!

princess nora says:

?? great content!!

Jaishri Kathirvel says:

Tq for ur mp3 audio Aaron…

Jaishri Kathirvel says:

nizz shirt?

Mouna Najjar says:

great videos ,just you nd to speak calm please

Kimberly E. Dorsey says:

You are awesome. Congratulations on everything coming to you !

Chris Burchette says:

The word is………fap!

majab612 says:

Have you ever tried Theta healing?:-):-)
I find it very usefull when I want to reprogramm my believes :-):-)

Peace ,love & Sophia says:

Changed definitions ,change your life.

rankfall15 says:

More like One word to HELP the law of attraction

Barbi Kvisz says:

Thank you ! This helped a lot

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