NEW – Law of Attraction – Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones (With Subliminal Messages)

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Nobody says:

Ok so its weird i think this only happens to me.I listen to this 10-15 minutes then only sleep for 2-3 hours then i wake up full of energy and can't sleep anymore. (Plus waking up in the middle of the night a few times) ?

Mark Southards says:

I wish all of these same affirmations were in the rainfall recording. Something about the changing pitches and sounds make it impossible for me to sleep to this one.

citrine sunrise says:

This is a perfect vibrational music video for me, but is it necessary to use water in the background? What is its significance? It makes me have to pee. ?

Mya says:

Would you make a subliminal for decreasing height/becoming shorter?

Brian O Shea says:

The beautiful thing about these videos is once you experience the truth in these messages there is no going back. You have the power to heal yourself. Stop using it against yourself. Realise your best self.
Thank you tom for being there with your words of encouragement and guidance.
You are a light bringer.

I can hear pink Floyd "coming back to life" in these piano chords and its like a hug of reassurance from a loved one.

Jigar Patel says:

Thomas tomorrow I am having an interview of my life, which I was waiting for since last 6 years. I bumped into your videos just after finishing initial round of interview. I am listening to your videos since last 20 days and tonight just before the interview i am going to listen this video….. Listening to you and all the comments below gives me strength. I will update you with the outcome of my interview tomorrow. God Bless to All !!!!!

Alpha Fitness and Lifestyle Network says:

Thomas hall add another gem to his collection.

Brave 1 says:

Thank you Thomas I appreciate your hard work and for helping people heal and move on in life stronger and better thanks for the healing music !!!!!

Jerseydave says:

This sounds amazing! Are headphones needed for the binaural beats? Gonna try tonight with just a speaker on the night stand. Thank you Thomas.

Max L. says:

muh better than the rain sound! i find the waves or little stream sounds much more relaxing. thanks for this one!

Yumilla Fujoshi says:

Love you Thomas Hall! You're literally so amazing, thank you for all you do.•°•°.°•.°•?

romanmczepyha says:

Been wishing for this and been listening to the law of attraction video
Already out and bam! My proof the law of attraction works, a Tom hall
Video that lasts all night and has iso tones and ambient sounds that can be listened to on the stereo

Krzysztof Tomaszewski says:

Can I listen to these while I'm asleep or is it better to listen with earphones on and how long would it take to get the results? I've been listening to these for a few days now, and I love it! Thank you Thomas 🙂

Evolving matrix_90 says:

I can't skip a night without having Thomas hall siblimals in the background I haven't looked back ever since Thank you thank you ????

Laura P says:

love this!!
Are head phones recommended? Or can it be played in background while I work??

filipa says:

questionnn: can you manifest something for someone else? for example, money for your parents ? thanks!

Zeyna J says:

Thomas you are a gift to mankind. We appreciate all the time you dedicate to deliver your work to the masses. Wishes and blessing from me and everyone ???

M. D says:

Thomas, the best content that works for me is the hypnosis where you speak, somethimes your voice change in demonic voice i don t know why not only I can hear that also my girlfriend, I stopped drugs and cigarettes with your hypnosis I am still smoke and drugs free, thank you and make more content where you speak I wake up happyer when I hear the voice and full of energy with the other content I feel sometimes tired, thank you, I hope you read my comment.

Hot Hungarian Tv says:

This is just PERFECT!!! ?? Thank you!!!!

Alashea says:

Bravo Thomas! Well done.?

Silent ASMR says:

Dang I would listen to this just to fall asleep but knowing I can manifest my dreams while doing it just makes it 10x better

猫头鹰老师 says:


Crystalline Kristine says:

This is so appreciated.

Southern Royal Realm says:

Is headphones required

Julia Dean says:

Clearly inservice for the whole thank you…..quantum time and the illusion of too …here we go! Highest outcome for all beings

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