NEW Abraham Hicks – Best of 2019 So Far (LOA)

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Inspired says:

✅ Thank you so much for watching ??
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AN says:

Best of so far?! To whom?! Every upload means something very important to someone.

Rama Laxmi says:

I want the next next next ? idea to thrill me ???????

Rama Laxmi says:

Manifastations are least bothered ??

Rama Laxmi says:

Less resistance ?? more allowance ???

Rama Laxmi says:

When you ask it is given?? but r u in receiving mode or still inthe frequency of asking???

Rama Laxmi says:

I never stop becoming ?????

B Powers says:

I don't know what's going on but all I heard was music piano music then I heard her say about a phrase and then it would be music

Diane Giovanniello says:

Thank you Peace Love and Gratitude ⭐️

Tamekia Williams says:

I enjoyed this! Namaste !??

tassino Smith says:

The best ever segment. Thank you for sharing.

Darwin Foster says:

Fabulous,Nothing can stop me.

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