NEVER Do This! 5 Things BLOCKING The Law of Attraction And Effortless Manifestation

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Ashley Ducey says:

Thanks so much for watching CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MY FREE GIFT: Link Below

Sakina k says:

Loved this! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and positivity ?

Anita Carter says:

Good content ???

Maryanne Gelsi-Perry says:

Appreciate this today!

Keisha Knell says:

This video came at the right time for me thank you

whoskerryann says:

I was just thinking to myself, that I need to find a new way to manifest because sometimes it’s not working! So thank you 🙂 BTW I wish I could see a tutorial on your eyeshadow. Always so pretty ❤️?

Jess Girr says:

Ashley, LOVE your videos. I feel like I have a lot in common with you. One small note, when I see the titles of your vids with these type of titles, I feel like they're kind of negative. And your videos are never negative! They are always so positive, so I think more positive titles would be more appropriate 🙂 Of course you probably know more than I do about what makes people click on a Youtube video so if being kind of clickbaity helps then…disregard me 😉

Kasim Kasim says:

heyy Ash .really loved.India

Gayathri S raveendran says:

555 views ???thank u thank u thank u so much universe

Marianne Browne says:

Thank you Ashley ??

Ryan Cotner says:


Nessa R says:

This is wonderfully helpful. Thank you so much. ???

Holly Christine says:

I've been using the law of attraction to grow my YouTube channel the last couple of months! I'm over 300 subs now and cant wait to hot 1000! Thanks for all your advice Ashley ❤

Davide V says:

Thanks Ashley!

Nalini Singh says:

Thank you Ashley ❤️??? love and peace to all ? ❤️ enjoy listening to you .

deepa m says:

You changed my life totally. Thanks. Love from India

Dream Influencer says:

I just love your energy! Would love to collab with you!! ? Sending love and light your way! ✨?

Lize Phillips says:

Yay! New vid! Still enjoying this one – will update later ?

1. Be a witness
2. Meditation ?‍♀️
3. Thought replacement
4. Consistency
5. All-in support and accountability

I am a new subscriber – and I am in love with the content! Thank you Ashley!

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