Negative thoughts are keeping you from seeing what you want

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cjbfire95 says:

This is soooo good!

Sage k says:

Thanks for sharing. ❤️ This guy is so much fun to listen to ?

Chris Kolovos says:

Great user guide video !
youre definitely giving me some ideas about what i should do next on my channel!!!

Sterling Bates says:

This sounds like Alex Jones lol

Liz says:

I was there for this!

Francesca S says:

There's so many reasons I love this. I've listened to these videos on and off for years and this is probably the greatest one I've ever heard. it's simply a neatly ties together several principles which most of us actually have some experience with. It's also fun fun fun! Which is often the Hallmark of Abraham Hicks.

Adam Kennedy says:

Alex Jones ?

Belle Byrne says:

It’s a fun game, pretty soon becomes a habit, think and it will show up ?❤️

Bella Birchfield says:

Thank you for all your videos I have been so blessed and I feel so amazing with in my self God bless

Tavoi Aiono says:

Love and light xxx

Gabriele Gaven says:

you are explaining it so wonderful, Thank you!

Blyss Davis says:

omg I love this guy and his button

L D says:

13:53 young couple manifests a lost ring.

an angel's kiss in spring ღღ says:

7:40 – interesting idea … 🙂
thank you sweet Emily. <3
may your kindness bring you more and more joy, blessings and wisdom as it does for us through this wonderful material that you are presenting to us…
thank you for your time, work and dedication.
much love from Rome…<3 <3 <3


Positive Appreciation

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