My Top 5 Law of Attraction Techniques That Changed My Life | How to Manifest

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Rachel Beck says:

So do you speak it out loud or stay it to yourself

Info Info says:

I love your videos. Do you have a public email address?

Marie xoMarie says:

I started scripting out of no where I was work and I was feeling good positively and out of no where I just started writing down what I want to Manifest on a paper towel I’m at work but it felt so good .

Sara says:

I love your energy girl ? glowing all over my screen

Queen Talks88 says:

This is another amazing video !! Thank you

Rene 1111 says:

I’m curious to know do you believe in Jesus & the Bible?

liveelovelaugh1 says:

"GIRL, I am not about to mess up my vibrations over a taquito" lmao so poignant and important. Basically dont cry over spilled milk. I love it

Kimberly Scott says:

Love your videos. Keep up the great work. Love what you do. ??


Yet another great LA video…..Thank you

Ariel Henderson says:

Detaching is the hardest part from me ??? but I'm slowly learning and noticing when I let go it comes. My example: I've been trying to manifest a friendship back and I finally let go and forgot about it and we been talking a little here and there. I been trying to manifest my phone back into my hands but I'm still having trouble letting go. BUT MY PHONE WILL BE BACKK .. Also scripting in past tense HELPS ALOT ??????

Mor Nov says:

OMG, your hair is amazing. really beautiful 🙂

itsjessldy says:

Love that you always add your examples! Great video, I’m loving them all!

Btw, I got my numerology, some videos back, and ? Thank you girlie!

Michaela Ashton says:

"I will not let a taquito mess up my high vibration!!!"

This has become my new mantra for life lol

Domonique Olivia says:

tbh I love your long videos bc I love you!

Summer Monae' says:

I love your videos! I create YouTube videos about law of attraction. I am grateful for any and all support. May your day be filled with magnificent outcomes!

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