My Law of Attraction Story ❤ | How I Manifested Dream Job, Husband & Relocation!

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Tyler Jones says:

I love this video you're such an inspiration. I have always been a huge believer in manifestation and meditation. I have never done a vision board or just gone into Zin mode fully. I have experienced how powerful manifestation is I tell me friends all the time all I have to do is ask for it. It has scared me realizing how powerful my spirit is. Part of that sacrifice is getting yourself clean and realesing dead weight.

ebjay1 says:

Wow, you are married now please share your wedding

Peace The Gypsy says:

"I can't make you believe that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR WORLD." Oooooooh chiiiiiiild.
I'm so glad you spoke on this. Law of Attraction is so real, whether people are ready to accept it or not. Most people don't wanna do the work. I'm so proud of you and everything you have achieved and will continue to achieve! You are definitely inspiring us out here. Thanks, Mami <3

ohoh okay says:

When you manifested everything on the vision board, what do you do with it?

doctor tarot says:

What lipstick are u using?…it looks beautiful..

Ton'nise says:

I manifested a free trip to a conference and saw photographers that I completely forgot that I put on my vision board. I put a picture of them because I wanted to reach their level and then boom, they were right in front of me and I had no idea they would be at that conference. And the view of my hotel was similar to something else I put on my vision board and that's when I realized that it works and I needed to be more specific with manifesting.

Mariah Million says:

Best video i seen all year..seriously?

Phyllis Turner says:

Wonderful story and beautiful message! Please don’t get mad but to correct you it’s “Whether it’s….NOT Rather…. Not hating just helping. Best to you always.

Megnetic Feel says:

Thank you Ambie! I just quit my job and I’m ready to focus on my goals and manifest the life I want. Thank you so much! ♥️

porsha gray says:

I agree with it all!!!

Castor&Pollux444 says:

13:40 Now are you sure there was no voodoo involved??? #Iwould #cheatsheet

Castor&Pollux444 says:

11:40 Amen.

Amanda Jayne Hill says:

I forgot, but when i was a teen i did a vision board w/o even realizing that's what i did. For me it was just thoughts, quotes, or things that inspired me to be better in life & keep moving forward toward some goals & also to hide the holes in the walls from fights/ missed punches. I embraced joy, teamwork & encouraging phrases. Oddly thats something about myself people always comment about & i still love to focus on. Still tryna figure out where the pics of Hakim, Jordan & the green porsche come into play??‍♂️

Crystal Johnson says:

Your hair looks so good!!! Love the video also.

Night Shade says:

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Ambie! ?

96NightRider96 says:

And girl your hair is too cute

96NightRider96 says:

You are such a GO-GETTER! I wanna be like you!

Studious Anjy says:

I don’t need your approval to live my life- thank you, I needed that ??

Natisha Haynie says:

I resonate with this!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! ????

Delissia Lloyd says:

I understand everything you are saying. I am a Biblical person and everything you are speaking on about faith and stepping out on faith is written. I was going back to look at your video on the Law of Attraction and this is the first video I see after signing onto YouTube. Thanks for making this video. My grandmother always told us not to tell anyone your goals or dreams until it manifest. Proud of you.

The Healer says:

Hi Beautiful Lady. Love this video. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

Esl Professional says:

I'm very happy for you.

The Movement says:

It's very true. Write the vision and make it plain! Without a vision the people perish. My vision board and journal are manifesting left and right. It just takes time and perseverance and FAITH!

scorpioxtica says:

Loving this video chica. I can relate on so many levels, especially the part about faith and sacrifice and not needing anyone’s approval. Those are some power moves that really shift your reality. The Universe sees it and has no other option but to shift in your favor. El universo siempre conspira en nuestro favor.

Allison H says:

Okay I have to say that this was a great video. Thank you for putting it out here and sharing it with us. I would love to hear about how you manifested your new love. ? I think a first hand account ebook on the power of law of attraction may be in order. I would buy it. It hits home more when you hear a first hand account of it really working for some one.

Dawn Hawkins says:

Let me go get these scissors & glue.

The Kawaii Traveler says:

So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!! And LOVE your hair 🙂

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