My daily law of attraction ROUTINE!

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Andrii Andrusiak says:

Thanks for letting me discover Bashar. I've found his transmissions to be very entertaining and relevant. Would you recommend any other channelers you might know? But only not those who speak about devils, hell and the end of the world 🙂

Atasha Law says:

What’s the link for the course in miracles on YouTube these tips are ????????

Zelda's Lullaby says:

I wanna try the cash and check tricks! And I LOVE the lights in your background! 🙂 Also, I've read that the power nap benefits really come from a meditation aspect, it doesn't matter so much if you actually fall asleep or not.

Sir Lucas says:

Damn Andrea, you look buff

Jim Williams says:

I talk to my trees ???? too ????. Thank you for another great video!

Universe Says says:

Dolf De Roos of his audiobook Wealth Magnet also says to put $1,000 or more in your pocket as you go about your day to build your wealth mindset. 🙂

And thanks much for sharing your routine, I had some great reminders on how to reprogram my mind.

Stephen Davis says:

WOW!!! watch this guys –

Michelle Gough says:

I used to listen to meditative music while sleeping in the past, but I ended up getting earache from the earphones – I was also single at the time. I'm not single anymore & don't want to disturb my fiancé while I attempt to sleep with music on. Any suggestions for being able to do this in comfort without disturbing his sleep?

Kirstin Macleod says:

I would love to see more of your LOA routines ❤️


Coach namaste ????????from India ….you really make understand me Law of attraction in very simple method .

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