My 10 Favourite Self Help Books | Inspiring, Motivational, Law Of Attraction, Confidence boosting

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Living the life you love says:

Hope you enjoyed this video, i'd love you to hear what your favourite books are! I'm trying to read a book every week so need some more to tuck into! 🤓

Have an awesome day lovelies!

Kay x

MsTracyTwo says:

The Unthered Soul is brilliant.
Must read it again.
It's been at least two years ago.
Have you read "A wrinkle in Time?"
A book that is Soo relevant in this day and think that the author wrote it in the 1960's. She is a very interesting person.
There's a guy who reads it on YouTube. I prefer the physical copy. Reading Frankenstein at the minute..200th anniversary of Mary Shelly's classic. The first horror story written in English by a young woman!
Oh another one I've read and probably need to re-read the Alchemist.
The Power of Now is weird… couldn't digest it.
Louise Hay…old school..back to basics…🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😚
I love the "YouArecreators" here on YouTube.

27otherside27 says:

Have you read any books on Nichiren Buddhism? Try 'The Buddha in your mirror' and 'The Buddha in me, the Buddha in you'. I'm not religious but it was incredible to learn that hundreds of years before The Law of Attraction that Nichiren was already teaching it!!

Marianne Vignolle says:

amazing video! I just keep hearing about you're a bad ass by Jen sincero, I guess I really need to get it! The first self-improvment book that I read I think is the one who had the most impact on me : you can heal your life by Louise Hay, it's amazing and was mind blowing for me. Definitely recommend it!

Anna Banana says:

In general I really enjoy reading thriller – books that are just entertaining, thrilling, in a weird way fascinating, sometimes heart-stopping.
But I read a book that totally changed my life and that was the famous "Life-changing magic of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo.
And then I read "The why are you here café" and "The big five for life" by John Strelecki. In both books I didn't really enjoy the story and the way of writing but the point in the stories somehow hit me – although I haven't figured out my big five for life yet…
I read a lot of other self help books especially for raising kids etc. but none of them changed me or my life. Maybe I re-watch your video and give one or two of your recommendations a try 🤗

life celebration says:

Thanks a lot…. God bless you 🤗

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