MUST WATCH The Last Law of Attraction Video You Will Need with Landria Onkka

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Nettie Vaughan says:


Julie DeYoung says:

I recorded the roof top Christmas tree on my pvr to watch when my kids go to bed. I’ve never seen it before. I was so excited to see it on the guide I’m like, “I KNOW THE GIRL WHO MADE THAT” and my spouse is like, really? Well… I don’t know know her but I follow her on YouTube ???? She’s a phenomenal person, ooozing inspiration & I love her!

Juanita Mullen says:

Appreciate the push.????????

val harris says:

Landria your so inspiring and amazing. I needed this today. ***ANYONE who hasnt signed up for Break Through Fear I reccomend doing so. *** I'm not finished yet and I'm working on it slowly. It is powerful and I'm excited for the outcome. I'm also joining my first webinar DEC 7…..looking forward to that. Invest in yourselves and BELIEVE in yourself. I never would have done this years ago. I'm so blessed I did. I am so grateful to have found Landria. ???????????? Blessings love and light to all ????????????????

Alan Mesh says:

Ever love Landria
from Barcelona Spain

Ajit Kumar Das says:

99th like, 8th comment. Completely like and about to manifest law of attraction. Thanks…… true , true, true.

Chocobo Chick says:

I think your free trial link is broken. It keeps reloading the page and I can't register. And I used a different browser. Well I managed to register anyways but I'll just leave this here just in case anyone had the same problem I did.

Abigail Bologa says:

Landria be snapping and clapping and getting my unconscious mind attention lol. She's a master teacher.

R P says:

Namaste Landria…
I Love You and Thank You for all that you do and contribute to us all…
God will Bless you…. Always…

David Z says:

Namaste Landria, thanks a lot for this video. I'm learning astrology and would LOVE ???? to look at your chart if that doesn't bother you. It could be very interesting.

Ruthie 1111 says:


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