MORE Law of Attraction Advanced Manifesting to Change Everything with Landria Onkka

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B Floss says:

Love it.Blessings Landria.Thank you for your time and dedication.❤❤❤

Krishna Kumara says:

Hi landria, bless and love you. Thank you so much for everything. What do you think in this situation? We are one, everything is one, everything is nothing. We are an expression of the energy to increase the frequency of the planet, by increasing our frequency. What am i manifesting? I am totally happy and totally abundant. And BOOM that is my reality. Then as a human being, i am doing my exams. How would you think in that situation? What i thought is that exams are something that humans create and that is part of the experience being human. Then my ego wants a good mark obviously, but i also think that whatever happens, whatever the mark, its gonna be the best thing for me, cuz just like what i manifested, i am happy, and i'm totally abundant. So yeaa, how about you guys, how would you think? Bless you all. Thanks.

Vilasprabha Jadhav says:

Thank you so much … ???

Michelle Ashley says:

So very true, ???? "we are powerful beings, Gods in amnesia"

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