Manifesting While You Sleep – Law of Attraction Method That REALLY Works

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Great and thanks Melanie. I going to put it into practice. God and Angels bless you more………

Arthur says:

Exactly. It's about getting used to thinking about what you WANT 🙂

Sharleen Shilling says:

Hi Melanie I would like to know more about manifesting while you sleep, your a beautiful Angel Melanie in love n light ????????????????

MJ C says:

Great reminder thank you for sharing. ????

Truth Warrior Momma says:

Thank you! Great video! More please yes!!

Liz Roberts says:

Great video, thank you. I will be doing this. You look so lovely, where is your top from? ✨

taehyung's next door neighbor. says:

Can anyone please help me manifest what i want?❤️❤️❤️

Lakia Bell says:

Great message! I will definitely be incorporating this into my daily practice.

Tawniece Rudd says:

Thank you for all you do you never respond Mel

E Mazey says:

Perfect, thank you! Simple technique, confirms message I received from guidance yesterday. Would love to see more of these. Thank you Melanie, for all you do. ????

Dork Mystic says:

Very good. Thank You.

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