Manifesting SESSION – Specific Person, Ex, Money, Career, etc. – Live Q&A – Law of attraction

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Dom C says:

You're so pretty

Evelyn Leyva says:

Did you manifest the electrician texting you?


Yes you should collaborate with Amanda create your future she is awesome ?

Lax ALEX says:

Thank you amazing❤❤

Hope Love says:

I don't understand if they are co-creating how come they wouldn't be able to reject us? If they are co-creating in this situation then they have their own desires which may not be in alignment with ours…

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

What helps me is to help those in need. Soup kitchen, going through your stuff and giving to needs or shelters, helping animal shelters, foster kiddos/ big brother or sister program, helping friends and family who need help. It takes the focus off yourself, you realize your abundance and you feel great doing it. You feel so grateful to help! Do a hobby you love and Try something new that you've always wanted to do. I am manifesting my sp, great health/body and my amazing job. I know my sp loves me very much, misses me and intends on a life long beautiful relationship/partnership with me, we will be together very soon. I know I am getting healthier everyday. I know I am starting my awesome job very soon.

missoverdressed says:

thank you so much for this!

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

I am so happy for you! I am that way with Hawaii, its my home and I feel total peace in Maui. I am going to go to Ireland and Australia! I am going to be a successful travel agent/Marine biologist/hospitalty business owner and travel the world with my family and friends.

Monique says:

I appreciate your positive attitude. I often feel like I watch videos on other channels and they make manifesting seem so rigid and things MUST be done a certain way so it’s nice to hear that it doesn’t!

Thea Uttley says:

Hey everyone, I have a question about manifesting a specific person. I like someone who's very shy and has shown interest in me but we hardly talk, so I was wondering if I should initiate things with him to make him comfortable with talking to me, or should I just let it be and hope he talks to me first? Bearing in mind we only have a few months of school left until we go to college lol. Thanks in advance ❤

Rebecca Hales says:

England ❤️?

Melody Avanesi says:

Hey Veronica, please update us about your electrician when he reaches out to you ?

Koko K says:

Yeyy, Hi from London! x

Lisa Boo619 says:

Veronica I had a preminition that I won 7000 a week for life that was in 2017 I was wondering what happened to the preminition

Master of Intelligence - Official Channel says:


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