Manifesting Every Millisecond with Law of Attraction

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tannisaifa tannisaifa says:

There's a question that when I say something positive negative happens and when I say something Negative positive things happen why is it so

chel Blr says:

Studied beliefs a lot. We had an interesting game once in a class where participants were given pieces of paper with a word written on it. It was folded and passed around. Once each person chose the paper and saw the word they had to voice their beliefs…words ranged from animal to politician to fat people etc. The beliefs that came from the group was astonishing! 😉

chel Blr says:

For example I hate beards. And now it's a trend that everyone's sporting them. I don't even know where this came from but to me beards are dirty. Im ok with friends having a beard. I know its a limiting belief. I know i cant get the whole world to shave. This however stops me from even getting to know a guy better or finding a soul mate..coz the beard puts me off…I know there's more to a person than facial hair and Despite all the awareness and education I have a strange aversion to it. I know so many with such beliefs. I also know I and others may miss out on life because of it. But saying change your beliefs won't work methinks 😉

chel Blr says:

There ought to be another video on beliefs alone. People may be aware that theirs may not be the best belief to manifest something and lots of videos..say change your beliefs but doesn't say how. Some beliefs don't even have a basis. Some are so deep rooted that they go wayy back..awareness helps as with everything else but HOW?????

Far7anR says:

!!! This made my 2019 – so happy I could contribute in any way to the great work you guys do!

Oh, and you can just pronounce it Far-Han – the 7 in my username is representative of an Arabic equivalent of the letter "h" which actually sort of is shaped like the numeral 7 🙂

Sunshine Angel says:

today i have started that 55×5 technique for my desired height, thanx for guiding sir 😄😁

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