Manifesting E! News Internship & AMAZING Career Law of Attraction Success Stories!

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Shamee Siyambalapitiya says:

I went for an interview last week (Thursday).. GOT THE JOB TODAYYY!! Thank you so much Leeor ! ♥️??

regina chavez says:

I deserve my job because I deserve to be happy, I deserve to do what I love and what I’m passionate about. I deserve it. ? I deserve success and happiness. ✨

LaReeka Design says:

Hello Leeor! I absolutely love your channel! I think you are amazing! I watch your videos everyday! It just make me feel good and keep me focus to work hard to achieve my goal…to be a successful designer. I already start my journey and I manifested a lot of things! :)) Thank you

Lola says:

Can I manifest a job if I don't have the requirements? Por example I want to be a runway model but I don't have the height for it. Would I manifest the height or it wouldn't matter and it is possible either way?

Aryela Molina says:

I love the way you say "bye" everytime ♥ 13:48

Sara Okurrr says:

Damn this just shows how faith can move mountains! Leeor I am going to be as strong a manifestor as you soon, possibly even stronger ?

ThOmAs JeFFeRsOn says:

I have manifested a job in the english theatre in Frankfurt, I am a lead actress there and am currently playing Eliza in Hamilton. I get 250$ Per performance and 70$ per rehearsal. It's a programme where they perform different broadway musicals for teens that wanna become professionals, and I'm so grateful that i get to work there! 🙂 <3

Sara Okurrr says:

I tried your “wouldn’t it be nice” theory yesterday and it worked. I said “wouldn’t it be nice if I had an açaí bowl today” and “wouldn’t it be nice if today was full of fun and laughter” and it was! The power of the mind is not a joke

NAIJA Singh says:

I needed to hear this thank you so much..You are looking gorgeous

Nikita says:

This reminded me of how I too manifested an internship I wasn't even qualified for! All I knew was that I wanted a big name on my CV and so I applied, visualized that I would get a call from them soon and guess what? I actually got a call the very next day! When I went to their office, I thought they would interview me considering I had no background knowledge about the work but five minutes into the interaction and I realized that they had selected me already and this was just a formal meeting with the team! This internship was one of the biggest things that I manifested <3 Lots of love to you Leeor! <3

Sara Okurrr says:

I want to see you with faux eyelashes. Idk I wanna see you with a more dramatic look I feel like you’d look different in a good way ?

Emmy Corinne says:

Girllll you look more gorgeous than ever ? some serious angel energy

Happy_vibes222 says:

Hi Leeor,
When you’re aligning with your manifestation, is it a natural happy light feeling, or do you need to train yourself to feel light and happy towards it?

Sara Okurrr says:

You look so good here & I love you with long hair ??

the wildflower hippie says:

Thank you so much for this video. I am manifesting my dream job as a full-time blogger (and writer).

Renaissance Woman says:

I am a grammy new artist winner 2026

Savannah Hope says:

This is so inspiring! Great stories as always!
I’ve manifested a fulfilling, successful job as an actor! I get great recognition for the work I do and I enjoy every moment of it! I love acting! Everyone I work with and interact with is so kind, welcoming and comfortable to be around and I feel safe and at ease at all times! I’m making great money and have the resources to treat my family and friends to amazing holidays to celebrate and appreciate them! I deserve this job because I am a talented person, who is kind and giving, I’m sweet and humble yet very entertaining. I’m modest and optimistic and everyone who watches my work/interviews/meets me says I’m a lovely young talent who has a bright future ahead! Thank you universe ?

Cece Cummings says:

I looooove you ♥️♥️♥️

diksha wadkar says:

Iam unable to find any meditation on link given in discription box

Ally Paige says:

i am a well known singer and influencer. my new single just hit number one on the charts. i deserve this because i’m hardworking and dedicated to the things i desire. thank you so much universe! 🙂

Ana Aguilar says:

I am a supermodel with NEW YORK IMG modeling agency women’s department. ???

I deserved to be a supermodel because I’m unique, kind hearted, intelligent, caring, loving, compassionate, adaptive, stress free, silly committed and I am a HIGH PERFORMER. I know that I am the right fit for this agency. I enjoy expressing my art through modeling and being to help provide for my family. I enjoy traveling the world and meeting and trying new cultures. I enjoy working out and being healthy. I am the best role model to young girls around the world.THANK YOU, UNIVERSE

Sara Dahlberg Christensen says:

I manifested working as a professional dancer in the most amazing company with such a great high vibrational group of people!! I’m newly graduate university and am perfectly qualified!

K x • says:

Oh my gosh. Today I manifested an amazing career opportunity, then you uploaded this video. ❤️✨

Katie Smith says:

Yeesssss I hope you're serious about the talking about aliens !!

Naline Agarwal says:

I’m working as a cabin crew in Qatar Airways! ?thank you universe ❤️

Selflove_forever says:

I also manifested an internship at E! News!! I wonder if we ever crossed paths? I put it on instagram that I would be an intern there four years before I got the internship. I met Giuliana as well before I got my internship. And i remember they were not at the Comcast building they were near Ryan seacrest and had an amazing farmers market!! I also got a job there shortly after and I started to get tired of celeb news as well. That’s funny!

Pola Vahler says:

Many rappers sang about having millions before even being famous and having nothing, and later they ended up indeed having all those millions 🙂 You can manifest only what you think is possible 🙂 if you believe that it really is possible for you to have that job, study abroad, get the internship, ect it will come. You need to be so convinced that nobody can change your mind, no amount of common sense or rationalisations. Then visualisation steps in, it really accelerates things, along with other exercises and just Being aware. Wishing everyone a great Monday, May this week be better than the last one! ???

Zubaer Chaudhari says:

Leeor Alexandra hello

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